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Into the Storm by Suzanne Brockmann
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Feb 21, 2013

really liked it
bookshelves: 2013, contemporary, my-lovers, romance, troubleshooters, crime
Read from February 19 to 20, 2013


What's the #1 thing Wendy F loves in her reading material?! Romance, check! What's the #2 thing Wendy F loves in her reading material? Comedy! Check! Finally, check check check!

Don't get me wrong, there were some chuckle moments in the other Troubleshooter books, but this one had the one liners all over the place. Lindsay and Izzy brought this one to life. Many times I found myself literally laughing outloud and that is a first in these books.

Lindsey is a former LAPD agent who now works for Troubleshooters Inc. That girl is craaaaazy, but in the best possible way. It reminded me of reading Jane in BDB. She was all full of snappy comebacks, and I couldn't get enough of it.

---"I mean, I'm sure she's just feeling her way, first days and all," Lindsay added, putting on what she hoped would be perceived as an optimistic expression. "I mean, we've all had 'em, right? First days. Kind of scary. Kind of overwhelming..."
"Absolutely," Jenk said, flashing her a grateful smile.
And first days of work had to be doubly hard for Tracy, who'd apparently been intercepted midway through her quest to see the Wizard and finally get a brain.
Cleverly, Lindsey didn't say THAT aloud.

---"Without makeup, I look about twelve."
He looked at her-really looked.
"Being flat chested helps with the illusion," she said. "I'm five feet and three-eighths of an inch tall-you better believe I count every eighth. I'm also the same age as my bra size - 30A. The A is for my four-oh average at UCLA, which I attended before my seven years with the LAPD." She smiled at him. "I'm one of Tom's best bodyguards, by the way. I specialize in the protection of people who might not want their friends, business associates, and/or enemies to know they're being protected. Because I could tell that YOU were wondering." she'd stunned him, so she turned to Tom who was now flat-out grinning, "Red Cell, huh? So you called me in here, boss, because you want me to play the part of Dr. Evil, the terrorist master-mind, right?"
Lindsey liked Tom for a lot of reasons, but particularly because she made him laugh. Some people didn't get her sense of humor, although Cutie-pie Jenkins seemed to be on the same page after he'd shaken off his shock.
"Sorry, I'm the terrorist mastermind of this one," Tom told her. "It was a direct request from Admiral Tucker."
Ah. "Which makes me..." She let her voice trail off. "Mini Me?"

Our sexy, funny little Asian American Lindsey meets cute freckled Jenk and sparks fly right away. Lindsey keeps Jenk on his toes and they are so sweet. The humor and the banter in the beginning kept a smile on my face the whole time. And when the drama started it wasn't your typical romance relationship where the man is afraid, and the women is hurt. This time it was LINDSEY who was running from commitment and JENK who wanted to settle down and ready for love. A switcheroo! I enjoyed every moment.

And Regina! Cause I know you're gonna read this! IZZY! OMG, he was incredible! Definitely my favorite character so far. He was so funny! Even when he was being a pighead sexist I was cracking up. I couldn't even be angry:

The situation was obvious to anyone with eyes. Decker- the lucky bastard -had, at some point in the past, thrown Sophia a bang. She, the way most women did, had wanted a Re-Lay-Tion-Ship, Decka-roonie had activated his super-Y chromosome, exfiltrated pronto, and now, whenever they did an eyeball to eyeball, awkwardness ensued.
Meanwhile, crazy Dave Malkoff, who spent a lot of time pretending to be fair Sophia's friend when what he REALLY wanted was to get in her panties, was jealous. Hence the meltdown Izzy had just witnessed.
Case closed.

That right there had me wiping laugh tears off my cheeks. He seriously found a way to simplify things in the Izzy way. I really hope he's in every single book going forward because he has been the most interesting and creative character we've met so far. I know he was there from the beginning, but I really feel like this is the first time that we've really got a handle on his personality and what makes him tick and it was brilliant. Especially because you know that underneath that flippant guy is someone really vulnerable. (I'm totally in love.)

Last funny, promise. :)

"Right. A piece of jewelry-a necklace-goes missing from this rich family's suite, and the gardener's accused of taking it. He swears he's innocent, that the son set him up, but no one believes him and they haul him off to jail."
"Time-out," Izzy proclaimed. "Can we not give these people names? The rich family is Horace and Prudence Peckerfart and their son Dick. No relation to Gillman - or is there? Say this for us, Daniel:
Zounds! That scoundrel stole Mumsy's necklace!"

(ANNNND my next Troubleshooters is Jules! Yay!)
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message 1: by Regina (last edited Feb 21, 2013 08:15PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Regina Double Like! LOL, great review!

I have his image of Izzy in my mind and it is so yummy. There is a scene wih Izzy in Into the Fire (Troubleshooters, #13) by Suzanne Brockmann that when I think I about I still feel all swoony. I cannot wait for you to read it. :) What is it about Izzy? He is real, just an average joe ... kind of. Oh and he is big. :)

Great quotes. I am going to read this review again, it made me laugh and smile.

Wendy F Totally absolutely yummy! It's because you picture someone so physically sexy, and then he's got this wacky kinda macho humer... I don't know, it was just all of it. He just popped right off the pages.

I loved his friendship with Jenk too. His calling him Marky-Mark or Eminem, lol. It was just so... funny and he felt so 3 dimensional. I was crazy about him.

I loved when (view spoiler).

Leea Absolutely perfect review... Love it!! That last quote had my laughing all over again.

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