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Empire State by Adam Christopher
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May 01, 2012

liked it
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Read in May, 2012

Three stars means "I like" a book, even though it feels more like a "meh" when you see those three lonely stars up there on a review. However, in this case, it rings perfectly true: I liked Empire State.

I'm having some trouble being objective in this review, because I follow Adam Christopher on Twitter, he has been a friend to Sword and Laser, etc etc. But I had a hard time truly getting into this book as much as I wanted to.

Part of the problem is that the storyline is purposely convoluted. We're thrown into a world that features alternate dimensions, time-shifting, doppelgängers, and a murder mystery... all wrapped into one. The intentions and loyalties of the characters are constantly in flux, and I frankly found it hard to keep track.

This is not a book of hard science fiction: the science used to explain the "fissure" between these two worlds (or rather, the Origin and the Pocket) is murky at best, but that's not really the important thing here. Was it an entertaining story? Yes! Did I like the characters? I think so (when I understood what was happening)! Was the ending satisfying? Hmmm... mostly. Ended somewhat with a fizz rather than an explosion.

But overall, I thought the storyline was original and interesting. Though it felt a little unclear to me at times, it's entirely possible that this was a fault of mine, not the books.
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message 1: by Jeremie (new)

Jeremie If prose seems unclear to you, that is on the author. Not you. That was a big part of Mr. Christopher's job when he wrote the book.

What do you think he could have done better to be more clear? Simplify...just a thought... (ellipses at the end mean the table is back open for discussion.)

Love ya! Great report!

message 2: by Jeremie (new)

Jeremie Oh yeah, sorry I'm looking for that other book you gave 4 stars two.

If you didn't have tons of reading this book, then I probably won't either.

Since I am just getting back into reading I want to start with a solid entertaining one.

I love your practice of humility!

However would you agree, that if the book is designed to be purposely convoluted, how could the problems in your understanding of it be your fault?

message 3: by Jeremie (new)

Jeremie I did get some more sleep last night, but I went out today all prideful and made a mistake. I used to put myself down a lot until I learned it is just better to admit a mistake and get forgiveness for it, while trying to learn from it, than trying to beat myself down in the hopes that others won't. It seemed like they beat me down anyway.

I am going to get "The Magicians" next Tuesday. I could go check the Library, but it is right next to a middle school, so they won't likely have it.

I don't want to wait, but oh well...guess it is a lesson in patience...I know I should have saved money for it, but my mental health status is a primary concern right now.

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