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Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult
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Sep 23, 2008

it was amazing
Recommended to Lori by: Kendra Keyes
Recommended for: Anyone who know the meaning of friendship
Read in August, 2008 , read count: once

Nineteen Minutes,by Jodi Picoult, This book is about a town with many problems under its immaculate reputation. When a school shooting unveils a moutain of lies and dark secrets blame is tossed around not only from the shooter himself, but also from many of the victims. Sides are choosen and bonds are broken, new alliances made and old alliances upheld, the town is torn apart. It is a story of how everyone has skeletons in their closet. And, faith, though sometimes the hardest thing to come by, can be found in places you never expected. In the end, telling the truth, even when it's hard is all that really matters. "In nineteen minutes you can change the course of someone's life..." Jodi Picoult.

In this book there are many main characters all who shaped and formed this story into a visionary masterpiece. Without each one's description of their life and part in the story, it could not be the book it turned out to be. Among the many characters though, Josie Corimer seems to be the most important. Josie's life, and personality is torn in two. Strait A student, ever sympathizing confidante to friends who would trade you in a heartbeat, loving and wonderful girlfriend with a boy who can't see who she really is. Then the darker side, one that needs to be shown. How cruel popularity truly is, your "friends" whispering about how you were seen next to a freak, a mother who belives her daughter is in the right crowd and can't spare a minute from her job to spend with her. A strong exterior is no longer holding the crumbling interior. A beautiful face cannot account for a broken soul. The need to go to the one true friend who could understand is stubbed out, because her reputation is at stake. The daughter of a judge, everything is reflected. From the long brunette hair that is combed to prefection every morning, to the flat stomach over which lies a freshly pressed Abercrombie t-shirt, even the biology book which lies open on the edge of the kitchen counter, the binding worn from so much use. What no one understands is that it is all fake. There is someone, screaming, clawing to get out. To tell you who she really is, tell you exactly what you've missed and that you may not like her near as much as you did. The small , white, sleeping pills teasing, dancing in front of her eyes. It could all end my problems, the ceasless cycle of thoughts running like a movie reel in her head. It all comes to light with a dark secret that can grab you like a monster in the dark.
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