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The Program by Suzanne Young
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May 26, 13

I’m a big fan of fiction about memory, which Young’s first book touched upon. Though for some reason whenever I recalled the premise of this book it felt like I’d already read it in the somewhat boring What’s Left of Me since there’s an Institution to Cure Diseased Youths. But Young’s prose style isn’t her strength; A Need So Beautiful worked mostly because it was very good at creating characters and relationships that I genuinely cared about.

I feel insensitive, but these people in comparison sure are whiny and sappy, with the best being a character somewhat like Delirum’s Hana – or the best friend in ANSB’s, but less awesome than either of them. Hearing about a relationship in flashback/recounting is quite dull, and the triangle was stupid as triangles generally are. The plot is totally predictable. The concept sounds nice, but there’s almost zero world-building aside from what can be gleaned from the back cover synopsis. It’s not as bad as A Want So Wicked, but that’s largely because that was the sequel to a book I found great so I had higher (i.e. any) expectations. I don’t really feel like giving Young another chance, except I will finish off the ANSB series as I want to see what happens to the characters even if they lost their energy in the second book.

Two random quotes that annoyed me: “It would have been better if she had died” & “Proud of himself as he should be.”

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