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Jenny Pox by J.L. Bryan
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Apr 23, 2012

it was amazing

Jenny is not your everyday Heroine. She weilds a deadly power that she is unble to control. One touch and she could accidentally infect someone with a deadly plague that could very well kill them. Raised by only her alcoholic father Jenny if forced to to keep her distance from everyone for fear of killing them. She is isolated completely in life, and what little human interaction she does have is done with the protection of long sleeves and gloves at all times. She is an outsider, forever an outcast in her small little town and the target of constant cruelty from the popular crowd who hates Jenny for being different. Jenny's only freedom is on her daily runs through the forest behind her home with her 3 legged dog.
But what Jenny doesn't know is that there are others in her town that are like her. They can also wield power through their touch. Power that they don't have to hide behind gloves and long sleeves while avoiding human contact unless absolutely necessary. Once of which even uses their power for their own personal gain, and will use it against Jenny if every given the chance.
Through a series of unexpected events, these characters are thrown together in a battle of wits, a battle of powers and a battle for love.
I was completely drawn into the book. The author so vividly described the events so realistically that I felt like I was there. I could not get the characters out of my mind and when I wasn't reading I was anxiously awaiting the chance to get back to the book. Jenny isn't you normal good girl. She holds a deadly power, but is a good soul....that is until she is pushed too far (but I will say nothing more, because I don't want to give anything away). I liked her from the very beginning and was sypathetic to her plight. She had been cursed in her life, and forced to sacrifice everything to save the others around her. At least until she finds the "antidote" to her deadly infection in someone who holds the power exactly opposite of hers, and the one person in her entire life that she is actually able to touch. And it is a touch that she refuses to let go of without a fight.
When you first really get to know Jenny, she appears as a pushover, or a weakling bound to live out the rest of her life being pushed around and doomed to live in self pity. But as you get to know her you see a spark, and a real spunky personality despite all that she has suffered. And believe me, Jenny is no push over, and will prove herself as a force to be reckoned with.
This story and these characters really jumped off the pages and came to life for me. I was living every moment right there with them as each event unfolded. The characters were realistic and the story told in this book was unlike any I have ever read. I was blown away by the how unique this concept was and how amazingly well it was written. And to make things even better, the point of view shifts between "good" and "evil" so to speak, so you constantly get to see both sides of the story and know whats going on from every angle. I am completely addicted,(you could say I have been infected with Jenny Pox), and can't wait to start on the second book. I would suggest this book to everyone, but it will be an especially nice treat for those paranormal YA lovers out there who are craving something fresh and new.

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