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Messages From The Masters by Brian L. Weiss
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Apr 23, 2012

really liked it
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I've been reading and watching materials on Dolores Cannon [hypnotherapist and regressionist (past-lives regression), it’s been 40 years]. Doctor Weiss results are quite similar to those of Dolores. Yet, she started earlier.
2nd of July 2013

My commentary on Dolores may be seen here:

Doctor Brian Weiss is a psychiatrist. He got his major in Chemistry from Columbia University, and his specialty at the Yale Medical School.

This book is about a trend he initiated some time ago: the use of regression techniques as psychotherapy. It started with the publication (in 1988) of Many Lives , Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His young Patient, and the Past Life Therapy that changed both their lives. In it, Weiss spoke of the Catherine case. That changed his way of intervention: Weiss so experienced in the pharmacological approach and being skeptical about non-scientific domains such as parapsychology and reincarnation…: “suddenly I got introduced in the right brain, the non-linear”…the harmony between science and intuition. Catherine under hypnosis had access to “superior sources of knowledge”.

Weiss discusses about the clinical improvement mechanism of that case (symptoms disappeared after hypnosis sessions). (1) Recalling repressed, traumatic, or even forgotten memories may be associated with cure; it’s a kind of ab-reaction. “…we cannot limit to infancy archeology or the first infancy; it is required to dig patterns and memories of PAST LIVES, so that complete cure can occur”. (2) The observation of other bodies (though the same soul) in remote times may lead to the conclusion that :”our souls are eternal”: …“recalling that we are souls, we’re immortal…our goal is to recall”; of course, through hypnosis recalling becomes easier. The present book presents many cases of regression.

Regarding more traditional approaches Doctor Weiss says :(1) about psychoanalysis, that in its essence is not spiritual; it’s a sterile discipline. He criticizes the “ego-repairing” techniques; the important thing is to go “beyond our egos”; happiness and peace are more important. (2) The Biological Psychotherapy doesn’t change the essential point. “Too many psychiatrists limit themselves to prescription and nothing else”. Consequently, the right approach should be spiritual, and the object: the soul….regression, as a means for cure.

“There are increasingly more people on this planet, but there are more souls than people. Our world is not the only world.”

Quoting a Vietnamese Buddhist monk [Thich Nhat Hanh] Weiss says that life is like a tea cup: you need to be present, conscious and attentive to savor it, fully. The supreme healing force is love. The author suggests some meditation exercises at the end the book.

Recommended , no matter how healed (or suffering) or spiritual (or atheist) …you are now;…or in the past, you were.

Post Scriptum,April 23rd, 2013

In a interview given back in 2010 doctor Weiss referred:

1-All major religions have a same underlying principle: love.

2-We change bodies,race,religion...throughout different reincarnations; we have to learn it from all sides.

3-Reincarnation: more than one chance...to get it right.



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