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A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin
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Dec 20, 12

I've re-read this book as Russian translation came out and there is smth else I wanna say about it...
You know, the book is big. I mean it is really big, in Russia they even splited it in two (and got a chance to charge twice for one book- how smart, lame asses!). And the whole book is actually a huge prologue. Not a bad one, I would say even a good one, but the whole thing only builds up for something, which isn't in the book. 1300 pages of a prologue? Cmon, f@#k, that's too much. Nothing really happens in this book.

Dany (view spoiler)
Jon (view spoiler)
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Bran (view spoiler)

But the truth is - mr. Martin still wins . His imaginery medieval world of Dragons and Zombies is still addictive even when it's not Storm of Swords... You dive in, you float in it, it's hard to resurface.


There is that genious book named The Waning of the Middle Ages It tells that, yes, those times were cruel, but in the end they offered people very clear and vivid patterns like knighthood or romantic vision of love or estates system, that could give a person some kind of defense mechanism that will guide her or him through all the cruel stuff around. These things gave birth to Renaissance in the end. Martin creates his own medieval universe which inhabitants instantly reflect those patterns. They kinda know that a knight shall be noble but at the same time they know the truth - most of the knights aren't; they know about that romantic love, but they also know everything comes down to penetration. And that trick works! More violence and cruelty Martin offers, more you value his "good guys". One the verge of mercilessness there's Jon Snow who doesn't want to leave wildlings to die, and there's Deni who doesn't want to leave her Meereen people for good and attack Westeros just because they are her people. Or there's Brienne... Is Martin right that if you try to do a good thing you're destined to loose? Will see about that. A Dance with Dragons doesn't offer a lot of dance, but a lot of bitter feelings and kill-offs. Winter is coming and I'm kinda sad it will be no less then three years before I'll open book #6 to read about it. Long live mr. Martin, long live...

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