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Eldest by Christopher Paolini
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Apr 22, 12

bookshelves: fantasy-and-sci-fi
Read in April, 2012

As with vol 1, I enjoyed this book more upon rereading. I like seeing how Eragon is slowly maturing, and his training with the elves is interesting.

The book does have two curious contradictions: Eragon reads Urgle literature and writings, but still has trouble seeing them later as people instead of monsters. And he feels shock and sorrow when he senses some animals die, then turns around and kills two rabbits without a qualm for his dinner. Granted, he can't eat them after all, but they died without so much as a flinch on his part.

Oh yes, and the whole vegetarian angle could have been preachy, but didn't come across that way at all. Props to Mr. Paolini for making it work.

It's rather ambitious of the author to create three new languages. I rather like Dwarvish. It doesn't have the stock "pretty" sound I seem to find in most fictional foreign tongues. And the curse "Bazool!" is quite satisfying.

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