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The Accidental Vampire by Lynsay Sands
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May 24, 2012

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bookshelves: fantasy-romance, humor, vampire
Read from May 23 to 24, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Setting –
Bella Black’s (Mexican restaurant), and Casey Cottage (bed and breakfast) in Port Henry, Ontario Canada.

Theme – love, learning,

Characters =
Elvi Black aka Ellen Black Stone – 62 years old, accidently turned vampire in Mexico on a bus – in accident, bus on side, and bleeding vampire in seat over Ellen dripped blood into her unconscious mouth… and there were blood bags in a cooler that attracted Elvi – and her friend Mabel figured out she was changed – and they made it through the turn and home again. Mabel informed the residents of Port Henry, all of whom had pushed her to go to Mexico so felt some responsibility, and they all rallied to care for her – and vice versa – Elvi is doing her best to fulfill their expectations. Mabel & Elvi watched vampire movies to figure out how to make things work, so Elvi slept in a coffin lined with her home dirt, she didn’t eat or go out in the sun or look in mirrors. She gives a ‘birthday bite’ to boys when they turn 18 (though most of the boys chicken out, and she just gives them a bandaid so they don’t have to admit it), she dresses in a black Elvira dress, she bakes pies for the summer fairs, etc.

Victor Argeneau –
2,000 plus years old. He had a lifemate (and has a son), but she was burned in the 1500’s during the inquisition. His brother Lucien gave him new purpose by challenging him to become a council enforcer, to save other families from his pain of loss. He (with his young partner DJ) is sent to Port Henry to investigate an advertisement looking of a single vampire woman looking for a single vampire man – definitely a rule breaker since people are not to know of vampires.

Teddy Brunswick –
Police Chief of Port Henry, holds unrequited love for Elvi since high school, is part of the plot to find a partner for Elvi, as her friends are getting old, and they don’t want to leave her alone.

Mike and Karen and Owen Knight – Elvi’s neighor – Owen had his 18th birthday ‘bite’ (he elected for just the bandaid) – but has begun to fake vampirism to impress a girl (sleep late, white makeup, glueon teeth).
“DJ” Dieudonne Jules – (God-given) – a young 110 year old vampire – Victor’s partner, a bit too enthusiastic for Victor.

‘Harper’ Harpernus Stoyan –Edward Kenric –Alessandr Cipriano- other vampires who answered the ad and were invited to meet Elvi. They indulge her whims, help her out (baking 100 pies, etc), protect her, and all have met someone in town whom they cannot read and are attracted to.

Mabel Allen –
Elvi’s lifelong friend – helps her through the transition and with the townspeople. They open both the restaurant and bed & breakfast together. Elvi tried to turn her, biting her a dozen times, but she did not turn. She and DJ ‘hook up’ – its great reading about this perfect 25ish body man highly attracted to 62 year old Mabel – but of course, he turns her.

Victor works through his attraction and surprise at finding a second lifemate to ‘court’ Elvi, while trying to protect her, and trying to understand her, what happened to her, her relationship with the townspeople and how to frame it so that Lucien and the council would not execute her.

It ends up Mike and Karen are out to quickly end Elvi’s life, in part because she expressed sorrow over being a vampire while her friends lives’ ended, and because they thought she turned Owen into a vampire – all gets straightened out, and they all remain friends (hmmmm). And Lucien shows up with his lifemate, reads all the people to get to the truth, accepts the innocence of it all, and asks Victor to stay in Port Henry to monitor its people. hmmmm


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