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The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins
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Oct 01, 08

wow and double wow. i read this through and turned back to p.1 to read it again.

blind watchmaker has been amazingly influential in the way i think about just about everything- the world, existence, life forms, physics- down to the micro, myself and my craft. it's sent chills down my spine, made me euphoric and angry. the first for finally addressing questions that have long been in my mind (but receive no echo in society as i've known it), the second for the willful repression of information and large-scale institutionalized dumb-down that is the public school system i grew up in.

it makes me want to cry to think that i didn't learn about evolution until i already had a master's degree. i am learning now, though, largely through dawkins, stephen j. gould and others who've been able to bring the complexities of this subject to the laypeople. still angry that whatever my daughter learns about evolution, she'll have to learn from me, a social scientist and by no means an authority. nonetheless, in a college classroom if her professor asks if anyone's heard of darwin, her answer will be a resounding, "yeah!!". small victory, but something.

p.s. there's a great, great BBC documentary on Galapagos- highly worth checking out.
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message 1: by BrainBackBend (new)

BrainBackBend I feel much the same way about Dawkins & Gould, and I would (most certainly) add Christopher Hitchens to this list.

I follow Dawkins on Twitter and enjoy getting his posts multiple times throughout the day.


Vinnie Harris

message 2: by Karen (new)

Karen Garrison But wait..I AM glad you learned about evolution-late is still better than not at all. But how is it that you knew nothing about ir..or were you being sarcastic? I knew about evolution in elementary school,and read On Aggression in Junior HS.

David I was born and bred in Iran and though we heard of Darwin's name, the theory of evolution by natural selection was never discussed in our biology classes. It's a pity they did not discuss it due to the creationist views of the country and its people. However, I am happy to read about evolution on my own right now and see its prestigious explanatory power.

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