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The Divide by Aubrey Clark
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Apr 22, 2012

did not like it

If its not written by L J Smith, its not a Secret Circle book. Basically its publisher approved fan fiction. While fan fiction may be fun and interesting (I have read much of it myself and consider it to be a love letter to the author for making such spectacular characters whom the readers refuse to say goodbye to), it is only appropriate when the ghost writer/fan fiction author is not making money off of someone else's intellectual property. And the ghost writers sure enough are being paid, otherwise why would eight different 'Created L. J. Smith' books of her original series be popping up all over the place like acne on a teenager? It wouldn't be allowed for someone other than J K Rowling to write a continuation of Harry Potter or a spin-off. Please stop ripping off the original author. We all loved her original novels in the 90s and still love them to this day. If you do the math (Awesome author + loyal fan-base= kaching for the publishers). It makes sense if you have a working brain. This ghost writing crap does not.
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Stella Ohhhh my God.... *FACEPALM*

If you didn't read it, DON'T rate it! Here, put this dunce-cap on and go sit in the corner for ten minutes. That'll teach you.

Khristine Stain I picked it up at my library shortly after I wrote this review. I wasn't impressed, yet my review remains the same. Its a very unfortunate situation for an author's rights to their intellectual property to be striped away.

Stella Intellectual property? These books are at a 4th grade reading level. If she didn't want to be easily impressed, maybe she should've written them better, and made her characters less plain. It wouldn't have been possible for someone else to finish the story if she'd botched to be just a little bit creative and unique.

Stella Whoooops

*easily replaced

Stella * bothered. Sorry, my screen is cracked. :/

Khristine Stain I agree to disagree

Stella Those are facts, not opinions.

Khristine Stain Oh? Have a good night

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