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Coming Home by M.J. O'Shea
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Apr 27, 2012

really liked it
Read from April 22 to 27, 2012

This was a fairly gentle read about the ex bully comming good. I liked Tally (when he wasn't being a pratt), and Lex.

The back story of Tally's father was not the big drama I was expecting and Tally's mothers part in the story felt too much like padding. Never really understood why she would return to a town she left just to try and control a son she clearly didn't want. Then she just vanishes again. Maybe we could of had a little more insight to Tallys youth to get the point across that his mother put doubts and insecurities into his head, instead of her just turning up out of the blue the way she did.

But the story of Lex and Tally was told well. I certainly felt Lex's fears and worries when Brock turns up on the scene, and if I could I would of bashed Tally myself for being such a jerk. Overall a 3.5 that I'm gonna push up to a 4.
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14.0% "I'm liking the way this started, but anyone else have a problem with the time lines?"
27.0% "I'm liking this so far."
43.0% "Why does the female best friend always get in a snit and flounce off when her gay best friend wont tell her whats going on?"
69.0% "Will the bitch be back?"
73.0% "Tally just got through saying he doesn't tell other peoples business, then promtly tells that a female friend isn't into guys at all. Isn't that outing her?"
86.0% "Tally you are in some deeep " 3 comments

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L'marie I was thinking the same thing about Tally's mom. I mean, she moved away and never looked back. She kicked Tally...why does she care; the family’s name is already mud, there’s no face to save? I thought the scandal with his dad was kind of lacking. I thought it would be something big, like embezzlement or an illegitimate child. Did you think it was odd that Brock was flirting with underage girls and no one said a word? Brock's character really confused me. I think he was in love with Tally and in denial about being gay. What did you think about the way Tally “helped” Drew…didn’t you want to smack him silly?

Deeze Hey L'marie, yeah I just didn't understand why mum turned up out of the blue to fuss like that. Apart from her mother who I get the feeling she never visited, there was no reason for her to return.

I was actually expecting something big like maybe he murdered someone that found out he was embezzling or something. He's "scandal" wasn't really that bad in the general scheme of things.

Brock did raise questions. Normally in a case like theirs when Tally left Brock would of become the "big leader", and to me I would of expected him to resent Tally coming back, not fawn all over him after 15 years. As for his flirting yes it was very strange that no one seemed to have a problem with it.

Did you find the age thing odd? I mean Tally was 4 years older and he left at 17-18? so Lex was only 13-14? when they were bullying him. Or did I totally get the ages wrong?

Yep I wanted to bash him, at the same time I wanted to slap some sense into Drew. No matter how they broke the news to him Brock was gonna react the same biggoted way.

But I did like the overall story lol.

L'marie No, you have the ages correct. I believe Lex was a freshmen and Tally/Brock & co where seniors. Lex was short & chubby and they were all tall & muscular in HS. They bullied someone smaller and way younger than them.

It’s funny, that I want to give Drew a pass in the plan to butter up Brock but not Tally. I agree with you that Brock was not going to handle the news any better coming from Tally. Did you find it odd that Tally even wanted to hang out with “the guys” when they shunned him after the “scandal” broke? And, as someone else pointed out in their review, neither Drew nor Brock offered Tally a job when he came back to town. So, I was really pissed that he risked his relationship with Lex for the sake of having his ego stroked by Brock of all people.

I really did enjoy this story. I think my problem is that I was expecting it to be a hardcore enemy to lover’s story.

Deeze The other thing I found weird was how sucessful Lex was with his coffee shop. From the little we know the town folk do not like a gay guy living there. They refuse to let their kids work there. Yet its popular with all ages and everyone seems friendly. Wouldn't you expect most people to boycott the shop?

My other problem was how did Tally end up out on the street so fast? He'd been living alone for 15 years and suddenly he loses a job and his appartment in one week? Just all seemed a little to quick. Maybe a bit of background on how Tally was already struggling? Although the begining when we hear Tallys thoughts on keeping his job then he throws it away on a grope by a female? Surely he was used to that kinda thing?

Again there were not enough details of his leaving town. It seemed like his mum took him and ran straight away then just dumped him. Why did he not go back to his grandmother then? Just not enough details for me.

I guess I accepted Tallys reasoning to hang out with them. The way they fawned over him made him feel worth something I guess. I couldn't really understand Drew. Again not enough detail on him, but he must of known NOTHING was ever going to make Brock be OK with it.

You are right on Tally getting let off too easily. Especially given the age thing. I mean a 18 year old bullying a 17 yerar old I expect. But to bully a kid the way they did? Yeah Lex should of maybe had flash backs and a lot more trust issues than we saw.

Damn now I'm thinking I rounded up my rating the wrong way lol. But I really did like this story lol.

L'marie You’re right; his business was doing very well, well enough to need a drive thru window. Lex must truly have the best (only) coffeehouse on the state or in a 50 mile radius…people take their coffee addiction seriously in those parts, lol!

I was confused by how fast he lost everything too. I wanted to see how bad he was struggling. Was he struggling to make ends meet or was he living beyond his means? I had to shut down the HR side of my brain as I often do when I read about abuse in the workplace. I know it happens all the time in real life. I still can’t help screaming go to HR or file a report with the DOL. So, ignoring all that…I couldn’t believe he quit over a grope and lost a big tip from a large party in the process. When was the last time he paid rent? It didn’t even seem like he trying/tried to find another job.

I didn’t understand exactly why he was estranged from his grandmother in the first place. I was really prepared not to like her. I thought she would be some old crotchety lady judging him. She turned out to be the only decent and sane person in his family. She should’ve been the first person he contacted when his mother kicked him. 15 years is a long time to just ring someone (grandmother or not) up asking to move in.

I started thinking that I rounded my rating down the wrong way after talking to you because I did enjoy the story…even though it seemed like I didn’t.

message 6: by Deeze (last edited Apr 27, 2012 12:53PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Deeze You know people reading this will wonder just what we liked about this story lol.

Yeah I wonder why one of the straight people never thought to open a coffee shop in competition lol. They could of made a killing.

Some books I can just suspend belief in but books like this just beg to be explained just a little more, especially why Tally never turned to his grandmother sooner.

I think in all the time frames threw me the most.

message 7: by L-D (new) - rated it 4 stars

L-D Totally agree - Tally being a douche at the end was stressing me out. At least we get his POV though and he realizes he's being a douche but he just can't seem to keep himself from self-destructing

Deeze Hey Lan. Yeah I think Tally was quite realistic in a way. I hated him for falling back into his old role, but I think its easy to do. Luckily he finally came to his senses lol.

message 9: by L-D (new) - rated it 4 stars

L-D Exactly - and the fact that he was like "what am I doing? I'm ruining everything!" but he just couldn't stop. It made him more human and real to me too.

message 10: by L-D (new) - rated it 4 stars

L-D Deeze - Lex's business being successful was sort of explained. The people who were homophobic were the businessmen of the town who kind of did "rule" things - like preventing the drive thru window. But his main clientele were the younger crowd (who were not homophobic) and the soccer mom groups. Yes, people did like their kids working there, because they thought Lex might perv on them, but it didn't stop any of the kids from drinking there. Plus - open mic night was a huge draw.

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