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A Patch of Darkness by Yolanda Sfetsos
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Apr 22, 2012

really liked it
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Read from May 05 to 06, 2012

Sierra Fox is a Ghost Catcher. She doesn’t hunt ghosts, but she does know how to communicate and deal with them.
Ghosts are known in this world. Humans know of their presence by feeling the bone chilling coldness. Usually ghosts don’t bother people, but sometimes a poltergeist will show up and get into mischief. They’re known for that.
In fact, that’s how she met her boyfriend Jonathan. He works in a bookstore, and the Poltergeist was tearing up books.
When Sierra helped take care of the problem, she and Jonathan clicked.
But she wanted to take things slowly. After a few months of their dating, her job kept getting in the way of their alone time.
Seeing ghosts has been something she’s been able to do since she was a baby. Her grandmother had the gift, but it skipped a generation, and her mother didn’t believe her.
Her grandmother had died when Sierra was a child, so her spirit/ghost had been there to help her through the hard times of dealing with the ghosts that spooked Sierra.
When she got older, she had learned to pretend they weren't there. But now that the Ghosts were known, she was able to advertise her job.

So her job was keeping her from having a normal life. And although Jonathan was a sweetheart and tried hard not to be offended about her having to cancel out on their alone time, or be interrupted while eating dinner by lonely ghosts that he couldn’t see, it was still putting a strain on their relationship.

When Sierra answered a call and went to help out with a haunting. The old lady that answered the door was as sweet as could be. She said she enjoyed about 20 years of having the ghost living in her kitchen, but it wasn’t until recently that the ghost started getting physically violent.
Sierra had noticed the heat coming from the kitchen and the smoke coming from under the door. She knew it wasn’t a ghost she was dealing with, but a demon. She called Father Luke to help her exorcist the demon out of the kitchen.
But what really happened was something that Sierra couldn’t even explain!

She knew she took the day off work to sort through her thoughts. She got a note on her doorstep Midnight @ 669 Wallace Street

After trying to get some sleep but failing, she knew she had to go to this address.

When she got there, she ran into a rude man who claimed he was a Vampire hunter, Conrad Hicks. A few mins later, another older man shows up, Oren McKee, a Witch Hunter. Then there was Vixen, a werewolf hunter and finally Lavie, a Demon hunter.
The man who called them all together, Burr.
We are here because we need to start working together if we want the fibers of the worlds as we know them to stay stitched together. And we’ll need the help of every single one of you.”

Burr works for a secret organization called Patch Watchdogs.

This book is about the different worlds that have different supernatural’s – and when the seams of the worlds start to unveil , the supernatural’s can get through. Being a Ghost catcher, Sierra had banished a few too many ghosts to the other worlds that didn’t get along here. There are a few too many who would love to get a hold of her.
Vixen felt the same way about the Vampires she had banished, as well as the others. So working together to find this tear in the patches would seem to be the only way to go.

This book was fun to read. Lots of original supernatural things hidden in here that made it more fun. The characters were great. None of them got along very well, so their bickering was consistent :)

Looking forward to reading the next book to the Sierra Fox series :)

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