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The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin
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Apr 22, 2012

it was ok

I'm not really sure what to think of this book. It wasn't that it was too confusing, it was just odd and not too enjoyable. :p So, I don't really recommend it!

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Ginny HOW did you not enjoy it? This is one of my favorite books ever!!! My 5th grade teacher read it to us with all these awesome accents. Please explain HOW on earth you didn't enjoy it! {{{Ginny calms down}}}

Carolyn Mary I don't know . . . I just liked Turtle. XD

Ginny XD Well, I had my awesome teacher and her awesome accents. I will have her read it to you sometime, and you will fully appreciate the work of Ellen Raskin. XD

Carolyn Mary XDXD It wasn't terrible, I just didn't like it very much. Plus it was for a class, which went along with stupid assignments. How can you blame me for not liking it? XD

Ginny I HATE reading books for school with a passion. My English teacher completely ruined The Outsiders, Farewell To Manzanar, and The Time Machine {which are really awesome stories, well, FTM isn't the best, but it's still an important message} for me because she makes us do all these really stupid worksheets. But she's completely insane. Literally. I will have to tell you some stories about her sometime! She should not be let out of the house, let alone be an English teacher! XD


But I do agree. Uglies was an AMAZING book, but I hated the questions, so I didn't fully enjoy it.

Ginny LOL! I'm glad I do. But I'm dead serious! SHE IS INSANE!!!
I totally understand that. teachers suck the life out of literature! XD Except for my 5th grade teacher. She made a badly written book about a weird kid that played baseball and was bad at it seem amazing! XD She actually told us that she chose it because it was bad, to prepare us for having crazy teachers that assigned awful books!
She was an awesome teacher. She never made us do assignments on books and gave the characters amazing accents. I miss her so much! She actually reminds me a little of you. :)

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