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The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah
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Apr 22, 2012

really liked it
Read in April, 2012

I just finished reading the Coldest Winter Ever and to my amazement I was displeased with the ending but I understand the message clearly. I can not get the sting of how she captured the essence of how clothes, hair, jewelry, houses, and cars are just materialistic dust. Winter is the prime example of everything I've seen and have promised myself never to become. That means working long hours and spending way too much time angry over a B I might receive for a paper. I want better for my child and unlike the characters in this book I will give her more the RIGHT WAY. It is waaayyyyy to easy to open my legs for what I want to some high roller who probably has AIDS or isn't worth the space he's taking up. The hard part is resisting the easy way out and keep striving even when you feel like giving up. This book was definitely not what I expected! It puts a pain that you can't erase in your gut. It's sad that the world has to be such a cold, superficial, and cut throat place. BUT that's the way it is, you can be on top today but if the foundation your standing on isn't built on solid ground you can sink in the very place you started to build. ~I will continue to build a solid foundation even if it takes me a while to find the soil and even harder to finally carry the building tools~
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