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The Lucifer Effect by Philip G. Zimbardo
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Apr 22, 2012

really liked it

If you're familiar with Philip Zimbardo at all, it will probably be the knowledge that he was the architect of the Stanford Prison Experiment. This experiment has always fascinated me, even though there have been many criticisms of the experiment and what conclusion one can actually draw from it. Regardless, Zimbardo makes a compelling case for what is referred to as the "Banality of Evil", or how all of us are capable of terrible deeds, given the right circumstances. Just about the first half of this extensive book was going through the Stanford Prison Experiment in extreme detail, and this was my only complaint. Again, it was an interesting experiment....but I simply do not need that much detail to understand the experiment and its results. All-in-all, a good read that helps put the human condition, and the fact that good people sometimes do terrible things, into perspective.

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