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Feb 10, 13

Read from February 06 to 07, 2013

truth be told, i wasn't the biggest fan of Cinder's. despite the new feeling that particular fairy tale retelling had going for it, all of them failed to act outside the parts they had. evil step mom was evil and pitiful cinder was... pitiful.

i'm happy to say that's not the case here. for a split second there, and only god knows why, i thought this was a snow white retelling. this tells you two things about me: i might have been living under a rock these past months and i still don't read blurbs. past that teensy (embarrasing) moment of confusion on my part, this was good. scarlet is no cinder... though cinder's improved leaps in this one, too.

( scarlet! even the name hints at it.. and not subtly, either.. mah brain, where you gone?!)

anyway, scarlet kicks cinder's ass (the books not the characters.) it's faster paced; she's tough as nails and takes no crap. also, she backs up her words with action. then all that's tempered by a sense of loyalty.. that lands her in the crosshairs of some unknown baddy. so, enter the wolf. mysterious guy, an unknown quantity... but not really, because let's face it: settle who she's based on (gack! the embarrasment!) and you can pretty much predict how things are going to progress and the role wolf's got.

then cinder, what she's in and what she's up to. frankly, i enjoyed this version of her.. especially the funnies with new people and not so new others.

i enjoyed this! mainly because the story is executed so beautifully: faster, funnier, more exciting, and even romantic at the most inconvenient of times. Plus the two stories going on at once and how everything's happening at the same time for scarlet, cinder, kai and others, well... it all gelled for me.

very very fun, this one.
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Maria woot! review, Isa!

Isamlq Maria wrote: "woot! review, Isa!"

Hi Maria! (It's been how long since we last talked here?) i liked Scarlet more than Cinder... faster.. better in most aspects. I will review but first I finish UNRAVEL ME (All these sequels this month are so good!)

Maria *waves back* hello!

I caught up with blogging last month, so I rarely comment here in GR. :) Eek, I already have Scarlet, but need to find Unravel Me, just finished Shatter Me pa naman.

Write fast, then! LOL

Janus Vielle (The Blair Book Project) ay naku! kayo na ang may Scarlet at Unravel Me. *pouts*
Ang tagal nung akin! Naiinggit ako! hahaha!

Isamlq Janus Vielle wrote: "ay naku! kayo na ang may Scarlet at Unravel Me. *pouts*
Ang tagal nung akin! Naiinggit ako! hahaha!"

blogging.. ay naku.. i just repost reviews from here to there lately... (just call me lazy!)

janus. scarlet = good. i hope you read it soon!

Maria Janus: gotta love my Kindle. *belat*

Janus Vielle (The Blair Book Project) Isa: I'm excited! waiting for my order from TBD.

Maria: i hate you! hahaha!

Maria Yes! great rev, Isa. esp the living-under-the-rock thing. haha.

Janus: better have your copy soon, buddy read na!

Janus Vielle (The Blair Book Project) Maria: Gosh I hope it does come soon! I'm really aching to read this.

Isa: I want to read your review but I also want to read the book before reading any reviews at all. Super ayaw lang maspoil kahit wala namang spoilers. hahaha!

Isamlq Maria wrote: "Yes! great rev, Isa. esp the living-under-the-rock thing. haha.

Janus: better have your copy soon, buddy read na!"

maria, i just jumped in little consideration to the cover or the blurb... therefore, nakakahiyang expectation!

janus, hold on... feeling ko meron na sa nbs soonish or your tbd order might be there na!

Janus Vielle (The Blair Book Project) I ordered it from tbd. sad thing is, feb 7 lang naship. i have to wait a week or two pa. :(

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