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The Perfect Neighbor by Nora Roberts
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04/28/2012 page 20
8.0% ""She moved well" Hmmm. Funny way of wording things. :/"
04/29/2012 page 100
41.0% "This has got some major cheesy dialogue going."
04/30/2012 page 120
49.0% "Liked Cybil but her over-the-top perky dialogue and 'prefect everything' is a buzzkill and so unrealistic. Cheese factor is high. :/"
05/01/2012 page 149
61.0% ""We never really expect our children or our siblings, no matter how we admire them, to exhibit real genius. It brings us a jolt and we think how could I have missed that all those years?" Says the supposed wise grandmother. REALLY?? Who writes/says crap like this?"

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message 1: by Kainat Ijaz (new)

Kainat Ijaz 《UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT》 You really having a bad luck with your reads lately, huh?

♥ℳelody Ack. I read this one 3 years ago. lol I was updating one of my shelves and now suddenly old reviews are showing up on my timeline.

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