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Wild Card by Lora Leigh
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Sep 21, 2008

really liked it
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Recommended to jenjn79 by: continuation of a series
Read in September, 2008

I couldn't wait to read this book once I got started on Leigh's Tempting SEALS series...and it mostly lived up to my expectations.

I enjoyed the overall storyline...SEAL Nathan Malone spent 19 months tortured by a drug lord, and when he's finally free, he's so messed up he doesn't let his wife know that he's alive. Years pass, Nathan takes on the identity of Noah Blake and signs up with an private sector Elite Ops groups. Then he finds out his wife is in danger from a militia group and returns home to protect her...only she has no idea that Noah is really Nathan. So it's a rather interesting dynamic.

Leigh really makes you feel for both characters. Nathan/Noah is so tortured. And poor Sabella can't get over the loss of her husband. I also liked how Leigh had both characters realizing that they'd held a lot back from each other in the first two years of their marriage.

I did at times get a little tired of the repetitiveness of everyone's thoughts/emotions...they always seemed to be thinking/feeling the same thing and it was described over and over again. It was a bit unnecessary.

And one thing that had me confused was the end of Killer Secrets, and throughout the book, he knows he can never go back to being a SEAL. Not after what he'd done. And they talk about going back to Ian's hometown and settling in. But then in this book, it seems as though Ian is back with the SEALS (or maybe it was the Elite Ops...I was never quite sure of that). There was no explanation regarding his return to work, or what exactly Kira was doing, and that annoyed me to no end. I hate it when big details like that don't match up.

As for the sex in the book...well, it was definitely HOT and explicit, but honestly? It wasn't what I expected. There was all this talk about Nathan/Noah having really dark fantasies and whatnot, and personally, I thought the sex in the book was pretty basic. I mean, yeah, at times it was fast and a little rough, but there wasn't really anything all that extreme. I'm not saying the book wasn't hot, because it was. But because of what Nathan/Noah went through and the things he thinks, I thought Leigh would push the boundaries a little more.

But even though I had a few issues with the book, it was still good. The ending surprised me a little, and I enjoyed the characters. So it was a good edition to the series, and I'll be looking forward to reading more.
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ElaineY I feel the same about WildCard, Isis, but I had the same problem with Killer Secrets, too - I couldn't always follow what LL was trying to say, I didn't know who was doing what and working for whom. The same thing happens in WildCard. This seems to be the case with other authors who get started on covert agency romantic suspense. In their attempts to develop the covert nature of the characters' professions, I end up confused yet when I ask a question, the author gets annoyed. So nowadays, I don't bother to ask the authors anymore and ask the readers instead.

I just received an email from someone about WildCard and she usually loves anything by LL but said she could not finish Killer Secrets and can't continue WildCard either. Same reasons as yours and mine and I am surprised she couldn't finish the books as she was such a fan of LL whereas I've only read 3 books hers previously and liked only 2 before reading her Tempting SEALs.

As for pulling her punches where the sex is concerned, this isn't the first time she's done that with her mass paperbacks and according to LL, her publisher did not restrict her. I felt exactly the same way about Noah's dark side being so built up and then going pffft, resulting in just hot sex but no more explicit than other mass paperbacks today. I thought I was going to get something close to her ebook level but had to be satisfied with the obligatory anal plugging.

jenjn79 I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Noah's "dark side" fizzled. I thought the other books were a little disappointing when it came to the sex not living up to Leigh's erotic romances, but I didn't mind it so much. This one, it really bugged me. There was such a build up to it...all this talk about what he went through, how he thought his dark fantasies would chase Sabella away, and all that...then the book was pretty much just plain old sex. Other than the anal scene, there wasn't anything all that out of the norm. For me, it just didn't fit and it seemed like Leigh chickened out on going any deeper.

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