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Vampire Crush by A.M. Robinson
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Apr 26, 12

** spoiler alert **
Wow, 'Vampire Crush'.. is so teenagy. Even though I am one myself, I've gotten used to having characters in their twenties around. Anyways, going back to the story, I was half taken by suprise and half not. The whole vampire thing is the expected part, since Robinson used most of the well-known characteristics. However, some new concepts were introduced.

By new, I'm talking legends. More specifically, a legend. Or I guess you can just call it a rumor. Well, basically, there's suppose to be a human female who's a descendant of some famous vampire back in history. I'm still a little fuzzy on what makes this female important, other than being a descendant of said vampire. Why I'm mentioning this vampire gossip is because it plays a huge role in the book.

In fact, without the rumor, James wouldnt be back. James is Sophie's.. 'frenemie?' Although, I wouldnt exactly say that, since they sure seem to be more than friendly now. The relationship between James and Sophie was interesting, which is why I even continued reading. That, and I wanted to see how this would all play out.

About the 'playing out' part, the plot was smooth, and easy to follow. What I want to mention ishow I feel completely into this book. I empathized mostly with Sophie, and it was creepy, yet mind-blowing, when I felt what she felt. As in, I literally felt what she felt. Well, at least on a level above some books. I still remember a certain part where Sophie was bitten, and the feeling was described as glass stabbed through the skin. My neck actually felt ticklish. I still get goosebumps even now.Focusing back on the main point, the writing was written wonderfully in a way where readers can fall directly into the action taking place.

There are so many characters I want to bring up, but I really dont have the time. However, I'm going to talk about a few. First of all, there's Caroline- Sophie's sister. She's the typical peppy girly, who, in fact, does fall for the looks of a certain crazy vampire. Enough said, Caroline's character was used actively in the story, coming out at all the right places.

Another character is Violet. She's Jame's maker, as most would say. Violet is a very unique characters. In all my time of reading, I've only come across a few characters like her. Violet has her own ways of handling things, which is through the 21st century source of teen magazines. She carries one everywhere, or so I think. When trying to get over James, there the magazine was. When meeting Sophie for the first time, there it was. Putting the magazine obsession behind, Violet, to me, is similar to an innocent pink petal among black ones. She has such a care-free, innocent, loving nature, that you completly forget she's a vampire. That was the main reason why her person stood out apart from the others to me.

I'm still deciding on whether to type about Vlad or not. He's the crazy vampire I was talking about(the one Caroline falls for). His character is definitly takes up a portion of the events, due to his importancy in incoming situations. The most important detail about Vlad is that he's after the said lengendary girl. Only, he sets his mind to the wrong females. Vlad doesnt know how close his answer is..

Enough said, 'Vampire Crush' will have you drunk for a flip to the next page, keeping you entertained and invested the whole way. Recommended to those who enjoy, or desire, a light, teenage-filled read. Added with a warm, heart-felted romance. 3.5 stars!

(The 'characters' section is spoily!)


Sophie McGee: was hiding in the pantry from Vlad at his party with James when she swallowed dust and coughed(Vlad found her),is the person Vlad thinks is the decendant of Mervaux(her freckles make a star on her back.. which he saw at the party),was turned into a vampire by James(or was thought to be turned) after Vlad took alot of her blood(before she killed him with a stake),her heart still beats even though she's suppose to be a vampire(it's impossible.. but that means she's still human with vamp abilities),

Caroline: Sohpie's stepsister,

Marcie: Sophie's stepmother,

James Hallowells: vampire,Sophie's enemy since they were little until he moved away to NY,shaggie hair,sharp square features,his parents had been killed in a house fire,eighteen,green eyes,saves Sophie when she was about to be eaten by Vlad,when he felt so lonely while he was living in a foster home he went for a walk to come across a house(Violet's).. he wanted an escape from his 'normal' life so she bit him,was suppose to brain-wash Lindsay and Sophie by Vlad's orders but only did Lindsay,

Lindsay Allen: girl from school who's Sophie's competition for editor-in-chief in journalism,walked into the forest while the new kids were looking for food(she was about to be killed when Sophie appeared to save her),chosen as editor-in-chief,

Danny Baumann: football player,

Vlad Roman Smithson: vampire,one of the new kids at school,long nose,highly arched eyebrows,slicing sideburns,sharp features,datk gray eyes,in order to find the girl he is looking for wit the star birthmark.. he invites every girl from school to a party that requires every girl to wear a bathing suit,became a vampire not knowing his status was going to be lower than when he was mortal,after finding out Neville lied to him.. he decided he wants Sophie to be his vampire wife(he wants to rank higher in the vampire world),used Caroline as bait to get Sophie into the forest(he wants to force her into marraige),

Mary/Marisabel: vampire,one of the new kids at school,is said to be Vlad's stepsister(which is probably not true),gorgeous in a dark moody way,thin black brows and long chestnut hair that breaks into a natural wave at her shoulders,knows Sophie wasnt brain-washed but doesnt tell Vlad,is in love with Vlad(she has been wit around him for 50 years.. but he seems to not like her back),left the city,

Neville: vampire,one of the new kids at school,has a tattoo of a star with the letter D(he was in the Danae until he got expelled.. he was suppose to be killed but he had a plan to hide with the Unnamed),

Violet Martin: vampire,blond hair,used to date James(since they broke up.. she's been overobsessing about him),when she got over James she starts dating Neal,

Devon: vampire,one of the new kids at school,killed by the group,

Ashley: vampire,one of the new kids at school,killed by the group,

Danae: an organiszation that is looking for a cetain girl,it is said that her blood can reverse vampirism by Vlad(turns out he lied to James to get him to come along to find the girl),

Mervaux: a vampire who had a son who is the great-great-great-great-great granddad of the girl the Danae is trying to find,

Pages: 240-kJ

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