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Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
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Apr 21, 2012

bookshelves: 2012

I was loaned this by a very sweet niece who found the series very funny. I knew by the title and cover this wasn't my thing, but read it over the weekend in a sense of obligation, and also curiosity because the Shopaholic books are so successful. I suppose I was hoping for a fluffy 'Bridget Jones' every girl sort of novel. I know I should have been amused, but I think my sense of humour took a hike over the weekend. The two stars are for the writing. The subject matter, Beckie, actually disgusted me with her moronic materialism and 'I'm worth it' mentality. Actually, Beckie, you're not. I was actually angered by her shallowness and self-obsession, and hoped that at some point she would be mugged, hopefully hit on the head, painfully, and when she came out of the coma become a more worthwhile human being. It didn't happen. I'm still seething, and appalled that so many women should find this shallow, selfish person a fun character they are willing to spend time with.

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