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Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor
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Apr 21, 2012

it was ok
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How Disappointing.

Do you ever get that feeling when you feel like you’re forcing yourself to read a book? I’m sure you have, but is it to the point where you’re literally tensing every bone in your body in efforts to keep yourself from doing something else with your time? I have been doing that with my body for weeks now in attempts to finish this book so I could write a review of it already. It took a long time, but I have succeeded.

Did this book succeed in making me swoon? No, not really.

2.5 stars

As you may already know, this book bored me to no end. I think I was reading a mere 5 pages per day because I just could not get into this book. Most sentences I read would slip through my mind and into the gutter. Maybe it’s because my brain cannot handle artsy fartsy type of writing. At least that’s what I fear it is, because I don’t understand the high praise for this book. YES the story is told in a very beautiful and poetic way. YES the story’s portrayal of Karou’s environment is striking. However, the descriptive and vivid explanations overly saturate the book to the point where it’s unexciting and unreadable.

You have a main blue haired character named Karou, who is loads of fun with a sprinkle of wit and a spice of fierce. She is raised by these creatures who love to make her run errands for them. In most cases her work consists of hunting/trading for teeth. I for one have no interest in being a dentist or any other forms of study regarding the mouth so I was not in the least bit curious about Brimstone’s need for them. I did however end up liking what the teeth were used for, even if it really made no sense.

Then there is Akiva, who is supposed to be this tortured and perfect looking Angel who is out hunting for teeth traders. He has a deep hatred towards the Chimera race, and has sought out to hurt each and every one. (Even though he spent most of his time stalking Karou) I did not fall for him one bit. Not a single part in my body tingled at any mentioning of him. I have no interest in males that are described to be exceptionally beautiful. That just tarnishes my imagination of him. He’s supposed to be this mysterious and multi-dimensional guy, but I just saw him as a lovesick boy.

Lovesick. Yes, that’s a perfect word to describe about 75% of this book. When I read the summary of Daughter of Smoke and Bone I knew there was going to be romance between the two characters. It’s that way in every YA book revolving around Angels, so why shouldn’t it be implemented into this book? The problem is, I didn’t think that the passion between the two was executed very well. There was an extensive part of this book explaining the attraction the two characters felt towards one another, instead of explaining why. When there is no build up in an upcoming relationship I immediately yawn with boredom. It’s just not believable and doesn’t work very well for me. How am I supposed to believe that Akiva is so willing to fight his own brother and sister to protect Karou, when they’ve only known each other for a day and a half? How am I supposed to accept that Akiva is willing to risk so much for her? So many readers speak of their hatred towards instant love in books. However, I’m OK with insta love when it’s done in the right way. Unfortunately, Daughter of Smoke and Bone is no exception. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I just could not tolerate the interactions between these two.

Even though the flashbacks in the book towards the end did sort of make up for it, it just wasn’t enough to eliminate the annoyance I felt while reading about the syrupy love between the two beforehand.

Which brings me to discuss the ending, oh how predictable and yet surprisingly interesting it was. As much as I disliked the jumping from timeline to timeline and from character to character, the ending left me wanting to know what’s in store for Karou. Even though I was correct regarding the truth about her. I’m just really upset that it decided to wait until I was about 85% into the book to make me sort of care, only to have it end on a shocking revelation.

To sum it all up, I feel lied to. I thought this was going to be an exciting and greatly paced read to enjoy; instead it was just a confusing mess infested with uninteresting romance.


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fairy tales. Swan maiden at midnight. Cream on the tip of a fox’s tongue. She tastes like hope.”

37.0% ""His head fell back
and he gave a groan, eyes half-lidded with remembered pleasure. Karou felt ill. “I could lick your neck forever, lovely,” he moaned. “Forever.”


39.0% "I'm not getting into this."
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56.0% "I really don't understand why Akiva and Karou are so attracted to each other besides the fact that they're both really attractive."
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64.0% "Now there's just random jumping from place to place with different characters that makes no sense."
69.0% "Pull the wishbone already Karou, I'm tired of this lovey dovey crap."
72.0% "So Karou finally is about to discover who she truly is, and then what does the book do? It randomly hops to a flipping flashback in some other character's point of view. As if I care soooo much about this person."
72.0% "This book is focused way too much on history than it is in the present moment. There has not been anything extreme going on like I hoped there would be. All I've read so far is about this electric pull Karou and Akiva have for each other, and I don't care."
80.0% "Hey Madrigal! Guess what? You're a Mary Sue!! "
80.0% "Why is it that I always feel more sympathy towards the 'inferior' best friend than the oh so perfect heroine?"
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89.0% "I'll admit, my emotions did rise a little from the spark Akiva and Madrigal shared."
89.0% "Nevermind, I don't care anymore."
91.0% "The "twist" was very predictable. Not surprised one bit."
93.0% "This book made me wait until I'm over 90% done with the book to make me actually care? Lovely."

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