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Midnight Pleasures by Amanda Ashley
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Since I'm starting on Ronda Thompson's Wild Wulfs of London series, I had to reread this anthology, since it hosts the story of the youngest brother, Sterling.
The story, the last in the book, was nothing extraordinary, even a little boring at times, and created a completely different lycan mythology that we know. Apparently for the Wulf boys to change into the furry howlers, the moon factor comes in second. It's the love that sets the beast free, which I found rather peculiar, since the love is supposed to set everything right, heal all wounds etc.
I wasn't convinced and I really hope the three full-length novels will fare better.

Amanda Ashley's contribution was, at least for me, the weakest of the bunch. The characters and the supposedly historical language put me off big time. Not to mention a few unanswered questions, like what happened to Darkfest's adversity to light, his sudden hunger for blood (Was he turning into a vampire? Did she save him from that fate?) and what was supposed to happen after the story ended. We learned that Darkfest has lived for more than three centuries so was immortal (or had an incredibly long life-span), but Channa Leigh was, for all I know, a simple mortal woman. Did she became immortal when she married him? Did he become mortal when he married her?
All these unknowns!

It is Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dream-Hunter novella that earned this anthology its three star rating. So it wasn't as edgy as her latest work, but it's always nice to travel back in time and read something a little lighter from under her pen.
It was a pretty straightforward SK story with the hero that turns out to be the initial bad-guy, but the love for a woman makes him a good-guy, which ends in suffering and torment, until the love of the previously mentioned woman sets him free and they all live happily ever after. Sappy maybe, but boy did I like it.

Maggie Shayne's story held much potential at the beginning, with the strange and potent attraction between the two leading characters offering all sorts of possibilities. But the end result with the cuckoo warlock ghost visiting his son from the grave to get his gorgeously tight, hot, young body, hit my enthusiasm with the force of a truck, pulverizing it in an instant.

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