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Rogues by Ava March
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Apr 23, 12

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Read in April, 2012

Rogues is the third book in the Brook Street series, and is technically considered a novella, coming in at 82 pages. As far as I know, it’s only going to be available in ebook form, through Carina Press, when it’s released in May.

Before we continue, I feel you should know something about me. I have a weakness for M/M stories. I try not to overindulge because it’s something of a ‘guilty pleasure’ for me to read them, but without the guilt, especially when you learn what kind of fanfiction I gravitate toward. But when you place a M/M story in Regency England, I’m sold. I will read it, even if it has the worst summary in the world. If there’s a book out there set in Regency England, featuring two male love interests and one or both of them are shapeshifters, I have a feeling it would become my favorite book of all time. (I know my reading tastes well.)

Seriously, though, if there’s a book out there like that, someone please let me know. I’m talking Regency, two hot guys and at least one or both being shapeshifters. Ideal. Book.

Once you get past the obviously photoshopped cover, which is a small thing to do since it’s an ebook, Ava starts the novella by dropping us in the middle of Rob’s struggle with his feelings of seeing Linus chat up another man at a Ton event.

I think the reason I like this setting for M/M in particular is probably due to how restrained the lead characters have to be while in each other’s presence in public. You can feel the longing and need for each other, if written well. You can experience the same thing with the usual historical romance since casual touch was very much frowned upon, but what makes it more… exciting, I guess, is if anyone ever found out about two guys being together, they could be killed for it. It was a capital offense back then. So, for two guys to be in a lasting and loving relationship, they both had to know the risks going into it, and find the patience and strength to appear as ‘just friends’ to the rest of the world. Can you imagine how hard that must have been for them? Can you understand what it might be like to love someone but never be able to tell anyone or lay claim to him for fear of your very life?

It just guts me, when I think about it and when I read these type of books.

Ava does a good job introducing this concept into Rogues, though these guys are a little freer than most since they’re friends with other men of the same persuasion. Which is good. It’s always good to have friends who know you for who you are, not for who you appear to be to the rest of the world.

What I liked most about Rogues was how Ava March managed to get me invested in these characters, lay out an entire plot and include several scenes of hot sexy times in only 80 pages. I’ve read books that go on for hundreds of pages and don’t even come close to doing the same. I noticed the same thing in Thief. She manages to flesh out her main and secondary characters in a very short amount of space, which is noteworthy in itself, which makes you, as the reader, only want more.

Overall, I found this novella a bit angsty with some cute flirting and possessive parts mixed in, as well as a few steamy parts that are always fun to read. If you like M/M books, I’d suggest starting with the first book of this series and working your way through. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.
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