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Pani's Story by Darla Phelps
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Liked this much better than the first one. That doesn't surprise me because I usually relate more to the submissive/slave than the owner/master. I did not find this book arousing - mostly it made me frustrated (and not in a good sexual way!) because I just kept being in Pani/Judy's head and there were times I wanted to throw the kindle! Very interesting. Thought provoking. Even though I was not fond of the first one (the story from the owner's point of view) I think I would not have missed it - both together are really unique and give you a perspective that makes these books truly one of a kind. HEED the warnings though folks. This one had a warning that it had more severe corporal punishment. Well to me not so much - but then I like a lot of pain. I wouldn't class this much more than mild with a few (very few) more moderate type scenes. Enjoy!

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