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The Light Tamer by Devyn Dawson
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Apr 21, 2012

really liked it
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Read on April 21, 2012

Jessie Lucent's alcoholic father has left for an art career in Greece. Now, Jessie and her mother are forced to leave New York and move to North Carolina to live with her grandmother, Ms. Gayle. Needless to say, Jessie isn't happy about the move. That is until she's reunited with her childhood friend Caleb Baldwin.

Caleb isn't the awkward kid she once knew who had saved her from drowning. Now, Caleb is tall and very good looking. Jessie and Caleb have chemistry and she soon finds out that Caleb is a Light Tamer. Jessie is also a Light Tamer and she and Caleb are bonded mates. They need the light in order to survive and avoid the Dark Ones, who want to steal their light.

As Jessie is introduced to this new information, she also meets Amber, who is also a Light Tamer. Amber is unique. She has been forced to take care of her father after an accident. The friendship she and Jessie develop is interesting.

My Take:
I won't lie, I liked the cover, saw romance in the description, and I was sold. Seriously though, it sounded like a book I'd be interested in and I've been looking for different paranormals to read lately. I needed a fresh perspective and I wasn't disappointed.

Jessie is sixteen, moving to a new place, dealing with some family turmoil, is falling in insta-love for the first time, so it was pretty easy to sympathize with her. That's a ton of stuff going on at once. I liked her because she has spunk, thinks for herself, and is really pretty funny.

Then there is the relationship with Caleb. I'll admit, Caleb sounds hot, but it took me a bit to warm up to him for some reason. I can't really put my finger on why. I ended up loving him though and I love how he dotes on Jessie. I thought it was funny that he could hear her thoughts all the time, but she could only hear his on "special" occasions, until the end anyway. ;)

Amber is just flat-out funny. Eccentric, is putting it mildly when it comes to Amber. She made me laugh from the minute I met her. The thing I'm curious about with Amber is what role her father's accident and how her dead brother will play into the story. Is there more to that or was it simply an accident? I felt bad that her shot at romance was shattered by bad Otto. Bummer for her.

As for the story...I liked it. It was a different spin on the paranormal, although I'm still not exactly sure what a Light Tamer is. I mean, I know that they need the light, have unique healing abilities and mind control, but I'm trying to understand their purpose. Are they a special kind of spirit or something? I do like how the story developed and liked that there was more to Jessie's abilities and history of her family. I was a bit nervous toward the end, but I was happy with the ending. I'm curious to see what will happen in the next book. Overall, the humor, drama, love, and suspense kept me interested till the end.
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