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On the Prowl by Christine Warren
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Apr 26, 12

really liked it
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Read on April 21, 2012

On the Prowl is the first I’ve ever read of Christine Warren. I believe this is her thirteenth “Others” book but after doing some investigating and talking to people who are familiar with her books, this one is more of a stand alone. It introduces us to the world of The Tiguri, or tiger shifters. What initially drew me to this book is an arranged marriage. I love it when the hero and heroine are forced to marry early in a book. I can usually find this trope in historicals, but I was happy to see it in a paranormal romance.

Saskia and Nicolas come from traditional, old Tiguri families and it is very normal for the parents to arrange marriages to continue their clans. The tiger shifters have a low birth rate, and have grown somewhat sparse in recent years. Much depends on this marriage, not only for future children but the Tigers have decided to move into New York city, an area where other shifters have power. They are not necessarily welcome, although no one is outright hostile to them.

While Saskia and Nicholas knew each other when they were younger, they have not seen each other for many years. But they are thrown together after their engagement party. I really liked that these two aren’t really opposed to the marriage. They understand their customs and what is at stake and are willing to give it a go. What Saskia underestimates is just how alpha her new fiancé is.

Nicholas is over the top, borderline ass, extremely protective male. And I just ate it all up. I seriously couldn’t get enough of him. I’m sure he will turn some of you off. I mean – he really is an ass. And while Saskia definitely had her moments of giving it back to him, which made me cheer, she also understands her role of being the wife to this kind of male. She didn’t let him walk all over her, but she didn’t feel like she had to fight for complete independence either. Taking into consideration all of their traditions, their relationship made sense to me. Their engagement doesn’t become an official marriage until she is pregnant. There is a lot of “the female belongs pregnant in the kitchen” kind of deal in this book. Again, probably not for everyone. But I found it to be a very fun book.

Somehow, the press of their bodies together had transformed her from the cool, elegant stranger he’d become engaged to into a fierce, demanding tigress in heat.
Thank God and everything holy.
He sank back into their kiss, reveling in the way her body surrounded him, arms and legs clasping him close. He couldn’t wait to feel her sex clasping him, too. He wanted to sink his aching erection deep into the hot cavern at her center and feel them jointed together in one sweating, straining body of lust. He wanted to match their stripes until there was no way to tell where he ended and she began.
He wanted her like his next breath.
Did I mention this book is a little over the top? I can’t leave out an example of how Saskia gives it back to Nicholas after he acts like an ass-wipe:

“I. Cannot. Believe. You!”
Jerking back, Nic stared at his mate, his eyebrows drawing together as he realized she might not be in complete agreement with him after all. In fact, judging by the look on her face, it occurred to him she might be about to take his gesture of goodwill and shove it up part of his anatomy he really preferred to keep to himself.

“You arrogant, selfish, egotistical, medieval, despotic, swollen-headed, dumb, idiot penis owner!” Leaping off her stool, Saskia clenched her hands into fists and drew them up in front of her torso as if she had already half-decided to take a swing at him.

A lot of times, their arguments end up naked in the bedroom, which for some reason I approved of.

Besides working out the kinks to their marriage, there is also an attack on the head of the shifter council, in which Nicholas gets framed for. This set-up was a little weak for me, but it did integrate well within the romance.

This book was a really fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. If you like super alpha males, and lusty bedroom scenes, I think you will enjoy this one.

Rating: B
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Laura the Highland Hussy Your review may have just re-animated my love of her Others series :)

Mandi Schreiner LOL...I've heard from many that this series has kinda gone downhill. I don't know if it is because this is my first or what..but I thought it was pretty good :)

E_bookpushers I have read most of this series. She has been mixing new releases with revised/expanded versions of her original ones first published with EC. That could lead to the differing opinions about the books. I haven't read her most recent new to the series one but I have found that I am enjoying her re-releases as much as I did when I first found her. On The Prowl is a re-released one I think.

Mandi Schreiner Oh really? I had no idea...thanks for the info :)

E_bookpushers A Wolf at the Door was the first one I read, NY pub, and in that one 3 or 4 couples had already been established as ruling the Other community there.

Oops I made a mistake, this is a new release her next one is a re-release one. Sorry for any confusion.

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Fur For All (to be rewritten/retitled)
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