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Apr 23, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from April 22 to 23, 2012

This book is making me wish I wasn’t so slutty with my five star ratings…because honest to fuck, a lot of those books PALE compared to this one. OH MY GOD!

Matt is just a normal guy. He’s got two great friends and a…not so great relationship. His friends and everyone around him is trying to make him see that his boyfriend Brian is an ass, but Matt knows how lucky he is to have him, and honestly relationships are about give and take aren’t they? After a rocky couple of weeks between them Matt is off to Syria to volunteer setting up a computer system for Doctors Without Borders, fighting his instincts that tell him something isn’t right with his an Brian’s relationship he decides he’s going to become a better boyfriend once he gets back home. Then suddenly one night a bunch of strangers appear on the street in front of him and shove him into a van. He ends up in a life threatening situation before he’s finally rescued by a troop of US Navy SEAL. Among these men he learns a lot about life and about himself, and he finds himself reevaluating his life, and finding himself with lifetime brothers and the kind of live he could have never dreamed of…

It’s safe to say that self-published fiction is so kicking my ass this week! But this book is really something special, one of my absolute favorite books ever. It’s not just a love story, it’s a story about brotherhood and bonding and friendship, and it actually sells the military in a way that nothing else has ever done because darn I wish I had friends and “brothers” like those guys.

It was thrilling, it was beautiful, it was romantic, it was poetic, it was…oh it was close to perfection. Everything I dream about finding when I pick up a book.

I’ve seen some people refer to Matt as TSTL, but I think he’s just fighting so hard to deny all the things he doesn’t want to see. All those things he DOES realize, but doesn’t want to believe. He doesn’t think he’s worth anything more than what Brian is dishing out, and Brian’s manipulating ways is digging even bigger holes in Matt’s self-confidence. I don’t think he’s stupid at all; he’s just trying to protect himself from the truth. And also, humans aren’t particularly rational beings…we have weird reactions to things and tend to fuck up, a lot. And I think the way he’s treated so badly in the beginning makes the fact that he finds someone worthy of his love so much better in the end…Hollywood perfection to the tee.

In this book there were only two things that bothered me. Just two things. One: The kumbayah moment where the Christian and the Muslim solider discuss religion and how easily the world could achieve world peace. Just a little too…soap-box moment. Two: the way the 3rd person limited perspective sometimes became 3rd person omniscient without warning. Either we know what everyone is thinking or we only know what one person is thinking, not both! That’s it. Those are the only two things that bothered me in this entire novel. Can I tell you how rare that is? Someone else will have more to complain of I’m sure but as for me, that’s it.

And instead of flaws there were just heaps and heaps of wonderful dialogue. Sublime characters (…can I have Petey all for myself?). Incredible suspense. Fantastic romance. Hot sex…oh wait…no, that didn’t happen…not a complaint but just something to add to the wish list. And ah…I’m just turning into mush right now. I loved this story. So freaking much! And $0.99? Are you kidding me? Best buy EVER!
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Trisha Harrington I loved this book so much! :)

message 2: by Bee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bee Tʀɪsʜᴀ wrote: "I loved this book so much! :)"

Yeah, me too :)

Trisha Harrington Bee wrote: "Tʀɪsʜᴀ wrote: "I loved this book so much! :)"

Yeah, me too :)"

It's one of my favourites :)

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