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Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene
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Apr 21, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: young-adult, adults, favorites, 13-15yrs
Recommended for: 12 years - adults
Read from April 19 to 20, 2012

This book is still a beautiful ache in my heart long after I finished it. I don't know why it never came up in lists of recommended modern classics. It is not a feel good romance, but a beautiful story of courage, friendship and love, and of a young girl learning to filter out the unkindness and prejudice directed towards her to discover the truth and goodness of love.

Adolescents who are used to a diet of feel-good will need to be prepared for some heart stretching, but in the long-run, and with a little talking through, reading this book will help them to be better prepared to face the joys and challenges of life with courage and love.
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Ariana I agree with you Clare- this is one of my favorite books, and one of the few to which I have wept openly.

Clare Cannon Yes I know, she is so strong but you just want to cry and hug her... and then I read that it's based on the author's life - that's impressive.

Ariana Wow! That's incredible!

message 4: by Gin (new)

Gin Tadvick I loved this book when I read it! Thanks for reviewing and reminding us what a great book it is!!

Clare Cannon That's great Gin, I loved it too!

message 6: by Bev (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bev I've read this book twice. And I really did love it; it's one of my favorite books. I think this book really reaches across generations. You can love it whether you read it when it first came out or if you read it thirty-nine years afterwards. It's a beautiful story and I agree, it's very heart wrenching. But sad stories are good, sometimes. They're realistic.
I digress. What I'm trying to say is, I wholeheartedly agree with this review and no matter what generation you are, this book is amazing.

Amelia Extremely well said; you took the words right out of my mouth! This is a wonderful book, and every time i read it, my heart aches. Its just such an emotional story.

Amelia This book seemed to move me in a whole other way- in a subtle way, i guess. i've read that this is bases on Ms. Greene's life as well; however, i can't help but wonder how much of it really is. The family life must have been the same, but not the hiding a German soldier part, right?

Clare Cannon I'm not really sure, though I thought her family were upset because it may have been based on true events, fictionalised a little.

Amelia Yes that's what i read on her website. Its an amazing story i can read a thousand times. Thank you so much for your wonderful review; so many people have said that they hate Summer of my German Soldier, and its a nice change to find someone who appreciates it.

Clare Cannon Yes I saw that too - maybe they were too young when they read it... I guess if you are expecting happily ever after it would be a let-down, but it's so beautiful in its own right :)

Amelia I completely agree, there's so much you can get from this book, and so much you can learn about friendship, and of course, the predjudices of WWII

message 13: by Bev (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bev I think it's also that for many, it was compulsory reading for them in eighth grade. A book that one is forced to read is not nearly as enjoyable as one that you pick off of the shelf yourself.

Amelia Bev wrote: "I think it's also that for many, it was compulsory reading for them in eighth grade. A book that one is forced to read is not nearly as enjoyable as one that you pick off of the shelf yourself."

I suppose so. Kids begin with a sense of dread and a biased notion that all class novels are predestined to be boring, and relentless with their "cheesy" morals. I admit i used to be the same way and would have much rather chosen a book by my own reference- with little interference from teachers- but still, you have to be open minded, and not always too presumptious.

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