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A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
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Dec 08, 07

Recommended for: Everyone
Read in April, 2007

A friend and I were talking about Tolkien one night after a sesh of Call of Cthulhu and he came at me with the insane standpoint that George RR Martin's breed of fantasy is superior, though indebted to, Prof. Tolkien. I immediately informed my friend that he was once again proving the ineptitude of his intellect. Tolkien is the father of modern fantasy and the ultimate writer within the genre. This is not opinion but fact.
That said I was intrigued and promised said friend to look into this infidel that he was willing to prop up above the Professor.

And well, I am fucking hooked. I recently started book four in the series and then after about 100 pages put it down because I new that after I voraciously devoured yet another volume in the series (to my surprise I read the first three volumes in about three months. with each volume being in the neighborhood of 800 pages this was quite a feat for little ole slow readin me.) I would have nothing to follow it up with. That prospect is unbearable. So I will continue reading book four when Ii find out that book five is near published. I hope that Martin doesn't journey off to the great beyond previous to finishing the series. Odin forbid that another door is left open for Kevin J. Anderson to step in and finish a series for someone. Seriously, does that guy not have original ideas?

Anywho, I think the best description I gave of this book to a friend was "equal parts LOTR and DUNE with a heavy dose of Penthouse letters. Seriously. Lines about glistening wet
members and quivering quim. Well maybe not the quim. But isn't quim an amazing word?

Because Martin wrote for television (new Twilight Zone and Beauty and the Beast among others) the books have this nice episodic feel. Each chapter is driven by a different character. Really great plot twists. He loves killing off the characters that you love and forcing you to love the characters that you hate.

If you have any even cursory interest in the fantasy genre read these books. He may not be Tolkien, but the hobbit looking mother fucker is damn close.

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Joelle I really like ur review! ery funny, lol

i've read all of dune series, even k.j. A ones. (lol), so i agree with the close comparison, i'm almost finished game of thrones, sooo good!

i have to say, if he had faded into the night for all the sex scenes i would have been extremely dissapointed, i mean u can't truly understand these characters without knowing what there like in bed, which is true for life as well, i think. ;)

Vassi Too funny. I think I will read these books now.

Carmen Great review, it was hilarious and extremely true.

I agree, quim is an amazing word.

Piotr Azub I also read the four available books of the series in a few months. I'm not an English native speaker so I had a lot of problems with such funny words as "quim", as well as with the medieval stuff. I had to check up several words on almost every page. However, the storyline, climate and the characters of Martin's series are so engrossing that I just could not stop reading it. Normally my language difficulties thwart me to really enjoy most English books, but I think I would have read the first installments of Martin's series till the end, even if I had had to check up every single word. So this proves, in my opinion, that the books are great. Martin's prose should be used to teach English, instead of some boring grammar and vocabulary class-books. I know finally some good stuff and peculiarites of the English language, like :-) :to enter the fray, to enter the lists, to muck sth up, to be loath to do sth, to as leif go as stay, thinkgs like: codpiece, quarterstuff, portcullis, causeway, caparison, crenellation, manckle, shackle, fetters, pewter, dromond, tankard, tabard, destrier, palfrey, brindled, pieblad, sorrel, bay, direwolf ;-),and finally names like: harlot, strumpet, slut, churl, oaf, dolt, ruffian and thousands of others including the word "quim" which, by the way, indeed sounds strange, even in my own mother tongue. While checking up these words I also realized that Martin's prose has got at least a few layers and is certainly worth rereading. "Tansy" for example is a plant with yellow flowers and it's derived from medieval Latin "athanasia" meaning "immorality", and I think Tywin once called mistakenly Tyrion's gril with that name, but I'm not sure anymore. The fact is that these books have a great FORCE in them.....

message 5: by Frank (new)

Frank Best review of anything I've read in a long time. Good man- thanks for the laugh!

Angela Best review in the history of ...uhmm, book reviews. Loved it <3

Vanessa 'Pixi' Kraus Nice review =)

Lola Best review EVER! Im gonna snag me up a copy now! Thanks!

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

its very good, but 5 stars? 4.5 maybe!

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