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Kiss Me Deadly by Michele Hauf
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Apr 21, 12

Read on April 20, 2012

Nikolaus Drake....Vampire and leader of the Kila tribe has just been given the death cocktail by a witch. When a vampire has contact with the blood of a witch he normally dies but Nikolaus quickly drinks blood from a friend and somehow survives. He is now a Phoenix...the most dangerous Vampire alive. While healing from the cocktail Truvin Stone takes over the tribe. Now Nikolas is out for revenge and is on the hunt for that witch and is going to kill her as soon as he finds her. He enters her home to find her making a spell and when he attacks her the spell falls and now Nikolas has just put himself under the love spell. Will Nikolas be smitten forever or will the spell wear off. Who was the love spell meant for? The Summer Solsice is getting near and Nikolas has planned to return as the Kila leader then. Truvin finds out that Nikolas has not killed the witch and he sends a message to Nikolas by burning a cross into Gabriels chest. Gabriel is helping Nikolas while healing and now he is dying and Nikolas has only one option to save him...sell his soul to the Himself....the devil. Now Nikolas must choose...his tribe or the witch his sweetness.

Ravin Crosse ...Witch and out to kill all vampires. Her family was killed by vampires and she is personally taking care of there population one vampire at a time. She has an obligation to Himself ..the devil to make a love spell and is just finishing it when the vampire attacks her and the vile breaks and it's all over...Now he thinks he is in love with her and her feeling are confusing her. She wants her soul back from the devil but has to make another deal...what will it be? Will the love spell wear off or will it last forever?

Truvin tracks down Ravin and has some of the tribe capture her and bring her to there warehouse to burn her. When Nikolas sees her hanging by ropes above a wood pile he knows it won't end good for the witch. So when the unexpected wolves show up it's just the distraction he needs to save her...or does he?

This was my first book by this author and I did enjoy the story. I will follow up with her other reads and I will suggest this to my reader friends.


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