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Jenny Pox by J.L. Bryan
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Apr 20, 2012

really liked it
Recommended for: older/very mature YA readers

Everyone knows Jenny Mittens; the social outcast whose daddy is a drunk and who wears gloves year round. She refuses to be affected by her role in the small town s lives in, knowing hat her ‘untouchable’ attitude is actually saving lives. Jenny’s bare touch spreads a plague, Jenny Pox, and she’s spent her life without the comfort of skin-to-skin contact. Her life changes when she discovers two of her classmates share a similar quality, showing her that love can be a pox all it’s own.

This book had a great concept, and the author's voice was very clear. Overall it was an enjoyable read, though not appropriate for very young YA readers as there were a few sexually graphic scenes that I would NOT be comfortable have a 12-14yr old read (also some drug use, but I didn't feel it was inappropriate for the context). This author could benefit from a better editor; there were definitely bits in the story that dragged and I ended up skimming though and halted the otherwise smooth flow. Definitely worth checking out for free on Kindle.

On a separate note, some people might find this book offensive; Christianity is used as a pawn to further the antagonists evil-plans, and every character that was depicted as being a Christian were all kinda bad-guys or morons. I have no idea if the author was doing this to share his own opinions on organized religion, or just using this to show how incredibly manipulative the antagonist was.

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