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Krähenfest by George R.R. Martin
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Jul 03, 12

really liked it
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Read from April 19 to 22, 2012

I grew tired of reading this book, tired of mad Cersi, crazed Catelyn, and all the other people I had very little interest in reading about. I think Cerci has been ingesting far too many potions with out knowing it, she's out of her mind! She has become as bad an alcoholic as Robert.
Catelyn has only made one good decision, and that was to try and keep her husband at home.... Every other choice has led to the downfall of her entire family!
At the end Martin admitted it was "only half a book" and he was right. I have to take him at his own word.
This felt like filler, like stuffing, akin to those styrofoam peanuts that fill up a box so that the gift inside doesn't get damaged. But in this case the item inside this package was not as valuable as it was hyped up to be. am I being to harsh? Maybe? I don't think I can trust myself anymore when it comes to these books I'm so much in love with them. I am drunk with passion.
There was very little that was pleasing, informative, or satisfying. And yet... I loved this book. What he hell is wrong with me? I hated it - i loved it. I wanted to read it again and again. It was like drinking skim milk in your coffee when you were expecting cream! Then it was eating spumoni, frozen cream, without the sugar and loving it! What the heck is going on in my head. Curse you George R R Martin. I read a lot of reviews of this book, and tried not to let them color my review, however, as I struggled through this mass of muck and mire, there was very little to show for the journey, but disappointment. Because, I wanted more and more.
I'm tired of getting to know these characters, loving some, hating others, getting to know their secrets, and even caring about them, and having Martin dispense of them, so easily, so callously. I can't be sure what happened to some of them, and I don't want to wait till the next book. I think I read it too fast. I must go back and read it again, give it another chance. There is so much I think I need to go over again. I wanted more from Martin, maybe i wanted more fom myself in reading this?
More dedication, more heart, more of what everyone else wants......a return to Winterfell, Direwolves, and back to the "Game of Thrones!"
I wish I could write even one iota as well as this.

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04/19/2012 "Just started on page 26"
04/19/2012 "On page 26 right now."
04/20/2012 "On page 363, lots of talking, not as much action as book 3, let's get on with it, Cerci is boring me to death!"
04/20/2012 "BTW is milk of the poppy an option, or is it just used for pain? Because every time she's featured, I think..... Oh never mind!........!"

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