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Wasteland by Lynn Rush
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Apr 26, 2012

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When it comes to the review of this book, I am incredibly torn. After wrestling with my thoughts I've decided on 3 out of 5 stars for a few reasons. First, the things I did like.

I really sympathized with the character David. How could you not? He has been cursed by his mother's decision, sold to the devil for her own gains and now wrestles with the demon side of him that wars constantly with his humanity. Chastity is the only thing that saves him from going full demon, which is why David has to control his sexual impulses. After a 250 year sentence in confinement and sensory deprivation for not completing an assignment, David is thrown back out into the world. The first few chapters wrenched at my heart as every touch, sight, or sound toys with his turbulent emotions. Because the book is in first person, we are really inside of David and we get to feel what he feels and see what he sees.

I liked the premise of this story as well. The ideas were unique and well thought out and I appreciated the intricacy of the story telling. I liked most of the characters, though at times Beka seemed a bit flat, mainly because we are not able to get inside of her head. In this way, the first person sort of cripples the story but I felt David's inner struggle and humanity really made for what we don't get to see in Beka. Their chemistry is amazing, and every tender scene between them was beautiful and sensual in a way that made you want to see them together and cheer for a happy ending.

For me, though, this book could have benefited from some editing and I'm not talking about grammar. What I am talking about are the endless pages of demon vs. Guardian battles that take place in the story. For me some of these scenes could have been glossed over as they became incredibly redundant. There are only like one or two ways to kill a demon, so each battle scene contains the same action present in the first. I found myself skipping paragraphs to get through these because there were far too many and they interrupted the flow of the story as they often came out of nowhere. It just seemed to be too much.

This story also tends to drag with the constant repeating of people's feelings and thoughts, and rehashing of things we've already been told. Once again, I found myself skipping parts because it just became so repetitive and dampened my enjoyment of the story in some parts. I feel that a lot of this could have been cut out and book would still have been good and maybe even had a greater impact.

At about 70% things got interesting again with some surprising revelations and a big change that alters David's destiny forever. Some characters even earn wings and that adds another element of beauty to the story. Once again though, the constant descriptions became repetitive and even that became boring after a few chapters.

All in all this story was a good one. Lynn Rush writes beautifully, and her voice (David's voice) holds you captivated so that even in the parts that drag, you continue to turn the pages in search of the answers. You just have to know what will happen next!

***I was supplied a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are purely my own. I was not compensated in any way.***
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Lynn Rush Thank you, Elise, for taking the time to read and review Wasteland!! :)

Elise Marion no problem Lynn! I am hosting 'Awaited' for your Bewitching blog tour and was sent both books for review. Starting on 'Awaited' today. BTW, I loooove David! =)

Lynn Rush Awesome!! Looking forward to the tour starting the 7th. It's going to be super fun!! Hope you like Russell's story!!!! :). Have a super day!!

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