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Blackwood by Gwenda Bond
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Apr 19, 2012

it was ok
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I tried very hard to get into this book. In fact I tried so hard that I read 72% of the book before I finally admitted defeat.

The things I had problems with is that the mundane actions in this story are over described in a way that leaves you thinking "Well, duh!" and it happens enough that it pulls you out of the story. Leaving you annoyed at times even.

My other main issue was quite the opposite of the first. See while the little things of over explained, the main details of the plot and the back story is under explained to the point your left confused. I like what the author was trying to do. Spinning a story based around the Lost Colony. It's something that hasn't been done to death, and very little people know about it. But that was the problem. We DON'T know anything about that lore and therefore left lost and feeling slightly bulldozed over by the information that is given to us.

Still I did like Miranda and Phillips. Both as a couple and just as individual characters I found them likable and well fleshed out. Overall I truly think this could be a great book with a few changes to make the reader understand the plot a bit more.
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Greta is Erikasbuddy I couldn't agree more! I too have a big problem with books that over-explain minute detail. I mean... ok... the road is made of bricks... I don't need to know every little detail right down to the grime on the road left by the horses who are stabled on the other side of town ;)

I recently had to give up on a witchy cozy mystery and was really sad because of all the "DOY" detail ;)

Darkfallen I know right?

I decided to walk. Placing one foot in front of the other on the oil spotted blacktop as little bits of gravel crunch beneathy feet letting me know it's been a while since this road as been paved. The slap of my white and red tennis shoes beating out a sound that matches my own heart.

Blah blah blah....ok I GET it already. The chic is walking. Geez

Oooooo or my favorite is when they something like "I decided to kick him with my foot." no shit. I'm so glad you told me it was your foot because I thought you were going to kick him with your elbow.

Greta is Erikasbuddy SNORT!!

I decided to scratch him with my long calcium filled nails that hang off the tips of my fingers.

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