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Heralds by Kathryn Immonen
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Apr 19, 2012

really liked it
Read from April 19 to 22, 2012

It may seem I'm in the minority but I really loved this miniseries. I've always been a comic book reader but as I grew up I strayed away from Marvel, DC and most super hero comics in general. I'd dabble here and there but most of the characters of my youth no longer hold much interest to me beyond the nostalgia draw.

One character I really loved growing up was Frankie Raye aka the third Human Torch. She later became Nova, herald of Galactus to prevent the earth from being devoured. Nova always appealed to me because of the duality of her loyalty to Galactus and the moral conflict she felt in finding planets and civilizations for him to devour. I followed her story closely until the day they killed her off and sent her metallic body into the sun.

Upon coming across 'Heralds' in a thrift shop I scooped it up and breezed through it in no time. The tone of the book was right up my alley; I really enjoy humor in super hero comics. I find the overbearing serious tone to many of the spandex featuring titles to be almost exhausting. The bickering of our heroines and their personal ticks (Valkyries belching and observations gave me new appreciation for her character) kept me laughing and entertained all while trying to figure out just what they were doing with Nova.

One thing I have to agree with the negative reviews on was the rushed feel of the art. At times I really liked some of it but often it felt very uneven. That being said considering again the tone of the book it seemed almost fitting.

As much as I loved this series and the attention it gave to a long dead character that I really loved in my youth, readers unfamiliar with Frankies story are going to be absolutely LOST. There should have been an introductory back story for those who weren't aware of where all of this was coming from and for those of us who had simply forgotten. Frankie was introduced in the 70s and Nova was killed off in the early 90s. She was one of my favorites and I still had to go back and remind myself just what had happened. To create an entire miniseries surrounding the idea of her resurrection definitely should have merited at least a few pages regarding her origins.

Funny and nostalgic for me but I doubt there are very many readers who are going to get what I did out of it. Restructured a bit and I think this may have worked for a wider audience. I'll still keep my eyes out for Nova streaking across the comic book shelves, even if I'm the only one.


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