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Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal by Grace Burrowes
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Sep 23, 12

it was amazing
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Read in April, 2012

It is no secret that Grace Burrowes' latest Windham novel is scandalously good. LADY MAGGIE'S SECRET SCANDAL is a rare and special treat for historical romance fans.

Lady Maggie has never been one to ask for help. For nearly thirty years, she has let her status as the illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Moreland keep her on the cusp of society. Feeling as if she can never truly belong, she manages her own affairs and keeps to herself. Unfortunately, a lost reticule containing secrets Maggie never wants to see the light of day has becomes a problem. So she enlists the help of investigator Benjamin Hazlit to assist her. Pushing away irritating gentleman callers all her life, Maggie is dismayed when Ben insists a clever ruse in which he pretends to court her in order to stay close. Eventually a chaste kiss turns to passion, then ultimately confusion as Maggie and Ben begin to wonder if they are pretending anymore. Ben knows Maggie is in danger, and wants nothing more than to help her, but will she reveal her secrets to him before it's too late?

What absolutely unique and fascinating characters and what a fantastic story. Just when you think Grace Burrowes can't possibly exceed the excellence of her last novel, you read the next and you are completely blown away. This novel focused on a hidden and slow building love that is simply gorgeous in so many ways. It has beautiful characters, sensual passion and stunning description. Grace Burrowes has a prose that is unique in the way its power captivates you and luscious in the way that you simply become absorbed in the story.

There is some drama within the story, but it is really all about the character for me in this one. Both commanded most, if not all, of my attention even though various characters from the Windham family, and previous novels, make appearances. If you have any concerns about reading a series out of order, this probably should not be your first Burrowes novel. The Windham family on which the novel focuses are constant and recurring characters. Still, it would be no hardship at all to read your way through Burrowes' previous releases to this current work. As I have said before, each novel is as beautiful as the next and together make a fabulous series. If you have no problem being introduced to most of the family in this novel for the first time, then by all means, try it first. You will not be sorry!

Since characters are such an important part of this novel, it's not hard to believe that I absolutely loved our hero, Benjamin. He was absolutely breathtaking. Benjamin was an engaging hero to me because he was such a romantic and didn't even know it. Ms Burrowes crafts his character into such a straight-laced investigator that notices everything yet is distracted by nothing. Still, she inserts numerous little details that show his true feelings and you can clearly see Ben thinks nothing of it or at least very little of it. Whether it was slipping a sentimental flower into a book of romantic poetry for safekeeping or fixing Maggie's tea, you see he cares for her and doesn't even realize to what drastic extent his feelings reach. It was extraordinary because being the intelligent, creative man that he is, of course he finally figures it out. Everything to him was simple, a puzzle waiting to be solved, but Maggie was the first thing in his life to perplex and amaze him.

Of course I could not complete this review without mentioning the courageous Lady Maggie. A very beautiful, yet very private woman, you could not help but sympathize with this character. You can tell early on she fights extremely hard for her family's happiness, but underneath it all, she is a very tortured woman. She has convinced herself she does not want anything from life except her privacy, but slowly you see her hopes and dreams come alive. And it is all because of Benjamin. I appreciated her intelligence and determination to maintain her own independence and self-sufficiency. Yet it was those moments when the dreamer and romantic came to the surface that I truly idolized her. She was such a refreshing and heartwarming character.

It is with great pleasure that I can say LADY MAGGIE'S SECRET SCANDAL is stunningly perfect in every way. This is the kind of novel you want to go on forever, long after its conclusion. Ms Burrowes' latest historical is a beautiful, sensual and thrilling romance that you must not miss. LADY MAGGIE'S SECRET SCANDAL is certainly a novel I will cherish for a very long time.

Lisa Jo @ The Romance Reviews

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