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The Magic School Bus Inside a Beehive by Joanna Cole
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Apr 18, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: informational-picture-book
Read in April, 2012

It was a beautiful Spring day, and Ms. Frizzle's class was studying insects. On this particular afternoon, they were taking a close look at honey bees. While waiting for the beekeeper to come present some useful information, Ms. Frizzle's elbow accidently knocks into a "strange little lever". In the blink of an eye the school bus turns into a beehive, and all the children are bees themselves! The children learn how to obtain nectar, pack pollen, and use their antennaes to feel and smell. Did you know that bees dance to help them find food faster? This is another wonderful fact the students learn through their bee adventure. They work hard to make honey when all of the sudden a bear comes along to eat it! Before they find themselves in too much danger, Ms. Frizzle restores everything "back to normal".
You can't go wrong with any of Joanna Cole's creative adventure books with Ms. Frizzle. I believe every child wishes they had Ms. Frizzle as their teacher. Wouldn't it be nice if we could educate students with live experiences? I certainly believe this book is the next best option. The story line in istelf lends a plethera of information, but the book is further enhanced with "student reports" presented on the side of almost every page. "How Bees Make Comb By: Rachel" or "Why Does a Larva Eat a Lot By: Arnold". My favorite part of the story comes at the conclusion. Without directly stating, Ms. Frizzle's dress provides a clue of where the children will find themselves next...
The only issue a reader might have with this book is the tremendous amount of illustrations and shapes within one page. The conversation bubbles and side reports could be a possible distraction and confusing to a child trying to figure out an order to reading.
Bruce Degen creates bright, comic book style illustrations that are appropriate for the audience intended. His vivid imagination for Ms. Frizzle's attire deserves great respect.

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