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XVI by Julia Karr
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Apr 19, 12

When I first picked up this book, I was excited to go on this twisted, dark journey into the dystopianistic world. Where when each girl turns 16 she receives a tattoo on her wrist,that makes her legal.Gives her the right to have sex with whomever she wants, or in the worst case being legally raped.I really thought I was going to like this novel,but truthfully, it was broken up writing with a protagonist that no one could connect to, because she didn't have that lasting impression.

When I first started reading the book, I was interested. You get introduced to our main character Nina, and her best friend Sandy.I thought it was particularly interesting to see to completely different personalities being best friends. Nina is shy and into art and animals,she wears the same old clothes and tries to blend in,she wants nothing to do with becoming a sex crazed teenager. While Sandy is a sex crazed teenager, who wears skimpy clothing, watches all the videos on how the media wants girls to be and who's main goal is to flirt with boys.

As I continued and got into the next few chapters I was completely confused. First I have no idea what the world they are living in actually is,you just learn it is the year 2150.We get introduced to 5 new characters and we have no idea who they are because their is no introductions. "Sometimes when Ginnie'd come home beat up, she would lash out at me." Your comparing a situation, to whats going on now, but who is Ginnie?The book continues, but drags on, everything moves so slow, and you don't find out many of the answers your looking for till the end. I felt empty throughout the book and when it just ends, you feel like you got hit by a car, because its so sudden.But it was painful to read because this whole idea of " turning 16" for Nina happens in 2 very short pages.

When we get introduced to Nina's main love interest,Sal. He is getting beaten up, by a bunch of jocks. Throughout their first few encounters Nina despises him. But than all of a sudden she is in love with the guy,and whenever they see each other they are sucking each others faces off. This relationship moves at lightening speed in this book. "He could use her to get to me...he... This never would have happened if I hadn't been..if I wasn't some stupid sex-teen!! I dont want this body. I don't want it to feel so good when you kiss me,when you touch me. It's not fair." Nina and Sal are supposed to be babysitting her little sister Dee but leave to go have some "ALONE" time. Like hello that is why you stay and watch your sister, when someone is after her and has access to the house.But just the fact that Nina reacted so self centered at that moment, instead of doing whatever she can to find her sister is pathetic.

To be fully honest,I did like the concept of this book, and how it focused on how women need to take action and stand up to the men in society. This is shown through the friend she meets Wei. She is energetic, strong, she does martial arts so she protect herself, outgoing and doesn't constantly think about sex. I think it was interesting to see how her old best friend Sandy the sex crazed and her new best friend Wei the nonchalant protector's relationship play out.

For those of you who are Hunger Games fans, I think you will be able to relate to the society Nina is living in. Its all about government control, having to do what they say, wear what the media shows,and do things in secret. In Hunger Games,everyone is afraid to defy the law and say something against the capitol. It is the same in XVI, if you say anything against the government you are dead.

This world is Hell for a girl and I certainly hope we never have to come to a point, where the science fiction becomes the reality.


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