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Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore
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Apr 18, 2012

really liked it

I was told to read Texas Gothic for several reasons...

I was born & raised in the great state of Texas
My name is Amy (like the main character)
I'm also stubborn & witty like Amy
I love to read about magic & witches
I've never read any book where the love interest is a good 'ol fashioned Cowboy with a nice Stetson!

Now I am glad I listened to my friends, reading Texas Gothic was fun and interesting to say the least. I wouldn't say it was Ahhhmazzzzing, but it was good enough that I read this 400 page book in just two days. The storyline was the interesting part, it was about a ghost haunting the McCulloch Ranch called "The Mad Monk". I enjoyed all the characters as well... Amy Goodnight, her quirky but beautiful sister Phin, the gorgeous cowboy Ben McCulloch, and the creepy harassing Deputy Kelly.

Amy Goodnight was very spunky, stubborn and smart! She was the last in her family, to embrace the magic, that the Goodnights were forever famous. Amy and her sister Phin were awesome together, they had such great chemistry. Of Course, Amy grew into her magical abilities. She became a great witch, it was so nice (and fun to read) to watch her grow into her magical abilities. I really liked Amy's character, she was complex enough not to be predictable, she was also very determined to take care of everyone around her. She took the ghost "Mad Monk" seriously, she was determined to get to the bottom of the myth that had everyone so freaked out!

Ben McCulloch wasn't your typical love interest. First of all he was a cowboy, he was in charge of a massive ranch in Texas, and he was really rough around the edges. Ben had so many deep layers. First of all, when he meets Amy she is in nothing else but her underwear... very long story! She was very embarrassed to say the least! From then on out, there was so much romantic tension, it was pathetic. They argued over everything, she was stubborn and he was cocky. I love a book where two people actually get to know each other for 100 pages or so, before that have that romantic moment. I love when it just builds and builds. Ben and Amy went back and forth many times, but it was so worth it when they gave in to each other and really showed their true feelings.

I really enjoyed Texas Gothic. I liked reading about Austin, Texas' State Capitol, I knew exactly what Rosemary Clement-Moore was talking about. She even mentioned Sonic , which is a Texas staple. You do not have to be from Texas, love cowboys (who wear Stetsons) or like to read witch books, to enjoy Texas Gothic. It really just is a good old fashioned mystery, that will have you guessing 'till the very end! The romance isn't bad either :)

I like the way the author writes, therefore I will be looking up The Splendor Falls next! I am really lovin' the cover...


Profanity: Heavy
Sexual: Moderate
Violence: Mild

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