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Redemption Day by Steve O'Brien
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The author creates a puzzle that the reader must try to unravel while at the same time being entertained by the action in the story.

Supreme Court Justice Silvio Caprelli is kidnapped by a militarist group called Posse Comitatus. This group is intent on creating a massive incident that will reshape the U.S.

Nick James has been a terrorism analyst for the government with extensive knowledge of Posse Comitatus but just prior to the kidnapping, he's fired.

Nick is called by a co-worker that a sheriff from West Virginia wants to meet and share info. They agree to meet at Nick's home but when Nick arrives, the sheriff has been murdered with Nick's gun. He feels that he'd be in better position to prove his innocence if he's investigating things himself so Nick goes into hiding.

Tension mounts as the story moves back and forth from the terrorist group, to Nick, and to the government officials trying to find the kidnappers. As Nick begins to close in on the terrorist hiding place, they are tipped off and now Nick is being sought by the kidnappers as well as government forces. His steady search for the kidnappers shows what one man can do when faced against tremendous odds.

The action is well described and when the terrorists get close to achieving their objectives, the author provides scenes with excellent cinimatic effects that are powerful.

This is a wonderful novel with excellent, well developed characters and a compelling plot.

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