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Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donovan
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May 03, 12

bookshelves: 5-star
Read in May, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Just as emotionally charged as the first book in The Breathing Series. Emma escapes her abusive aunt after she nearly succeeded in killing her. Carol was sent to prison, and her uncle took the two kids and moved away. Emma lives with her best friend Sara, and her parents while she finishes out her senior year. Evan, her boyfriend is still by her side, helping in the transition after the tragedy. Emma's mother Rachel, starts attending games, and acting as if she truly wants to rebuild their relationship. Emma is an all or nothing kind of person, and agrees to move in with her mother. While living there her mother continues to bring in guy after guy, and gets completely trashed quite often. Every time she gets drunk she says the most awful things to Emma, but of course Emma sticks it out, makes excuses, and never tells anyone the extent of the problems at home. When her mothers new boyfriend Johnathan starts hanging around the house, they both hit it off after they realize that each of them wakes up constantly from nightmares. They talk in the middle of the night, and help the other through. Rachel pushes things too far one night when she gets completely shit faced, and tells Emma that she never wanted her, she shouldn't of been born, and that Emma can't keep taking everyone away from her. (referring to Emma's father, who died in a car accident while shopping for Emma's birthday, and Johnathan, because her mother thinks they are having an affair.) Emma finally decides to move out, but continues the middle of the night talks with Johnathan after a nightmare. He and Rachel aren't together, and Emma refuses to see her. One morning before a soccer game, Emma runs by her mothers house to get her uniform only to walk in while a man is beating her. Turns out its her drug dealer, who she owes money to. Emma goes back to the house after leaving her mother at the hospital to collect the rest of her things. The drug dealer has returned and proceeds to hit, and kick Emma. Johnathan comes in, beats him unconscious, and while Emma is still in shock leaves him to be found in his car in a bar parking lot. I think Emma knows that Johnathan has more than friendly feelings for her, but she continues to talk to him anyway. While her mother is away at rehab, Emma plans a special dinner (that she is cooking at her mothers) and a party (at Evans house) for Evans birthday. Before Evan arrives, and she is able to surprise him, Johnathan shows up and confesses his feelings. When Evan walks in, Johnathan taunts him with the fact that Emma confides in him, etc. etc. They get in a fight, and Evan is knocked unconscious. Emma realizes that she only brings pain and trouble to Evans life, and leaves for California, and college early without an explanation or a goodbye. The book ends with Evan at school with his new roommate, he never understood why Emma left, and never read the letter she left behind for him. Extremely emotional, and definitely leaves you hanging on for the next book in the series.

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