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Blood Related by William   Cook
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Apr 18, 2012

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Read from April 18 to 23, 2012

This book was based on a very interesting premise. Many times, the nature vs nurture aspect has been explored, but few books have delved so deeply into the troubled mind of a serial killer. The end results were undeniably chilling.
We’re often described as a product of our environment. What happens when homicidal bloodlust runs rampant in not just one individual, but through entire generations? Murder and sadistic tendencies flow through the Cunningham genes, and William Cook shows us just what this flaw entails through Caleb’s eyes.
Though well-written, I did have a few problems with this book. It was slow to start, and I found the entire first half to be more telling than showing. Because of this, certain sections dragged. A prime example being the 11 plus pages that document the dislike between lead detective Ray Truman and Erol Cunningham.
As a reader, I would have preferred to watch many of the past events unfold, rather than be told about them after the fact. The abuse and maltreatment from the parents did not have the same effect being stated as they would have had we experienced these events through Caleb’s eyes.
The second half of the story picks up and plops us directly into Caleb’s skin, and that is when the true terror ensues. What follows is a dark decent into madness and horror, that lends many answers to the questions often asked whenever events like this occur: “How could this happen and why?”
Overall, I found this to be a good debut novel from an author with a lot of potential. I’d recommend it to anyone fond of this genre, or looking for a dark psychological read. The story is bound to make readers think, and the characters are ones that stay with you long after reading. “Blood Related” is a thorough and spine-tingling glimpse into the mind of a serial killer…and the reactions readers have to him by the end of this harrowing journey may not be what they expect!


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