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The Scorch Trials by James Dashner
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May 01, 12

bookshelves: dystopian, speculative-fiction
Read from April 17 to 29, 2012

So I finished this book three days ago and I took some time mulling over what I would say. I wanted to like this book. I was intrigued by the mystery and events of the first book, wanting to know who WICKED was, what was going on with the Flare, and why they all had no memories.

That intrigue was lost in the this book. Dashner gives very few answers, asks more questions, and add a lot of gore to the mix. I was more angry at the characters than curious, and felt like each new plot twist was more absurd than the last.

This was an exciting book--the action starts from the very beginning and never lets up--but I found myself skimming way too much. Thomas's thought vary over three topics: where's Teresa (or the Gladers, when he's separated from them), how much he hates WICKED, and what does he make of Brenda. The whole book. I can't take 300 pages of the same thoughts over and over again. And the descriptions? Most of the book is spent dealing with killer lightning storms or horribly disfigured Cranks (people with the Flare). How many detailed descriptions of festering sores, falling off body parts, and crazy people do I have to read?

This book had so much likeability potential, but it went over the top.

Clean Factor: language (Dashner's swear words aren't "real" four-letter words, but you know exactly what they stand for--that's swearing in my book), violence, gore

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