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Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong
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Apr 17, 2012

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I love this series. I'm really disappointed that this is the last book... but then again I'm glad that the series ended while still good instead of spiraling downhill like *ahem* Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series. But I digress...

For the most part Savannah was the narrator of this story, but it occasionally jumped to Elena, Jamie and Paige... I'm not sure if I liked that or not. It added more to the story but at the same time made the story drag because you would hear the story almost repeated by a different point of view. Don't get me wrong, there was PLENTY of action - demon possessed children, a werewolf on the rampage, crooked cops and scheming Cabals. (Oh my!)

The main villain in this is supposed to be Giles de Rais and the Supernatural Liberation Movement (or as Savannah calls it SLAM) but the Nast Cabal drama overshadows it. By the time the book gets around to Giles and his group SO much has happened it was almost anticlimactic. Giles was supposedly immortal but was pretty easy to take down. He even gives up the antidote to Bryce's poison without a double cross. Some villain, huh?

The Nast Cabal was a more serious threat... they kidnap Savannah, Eve and Adam. Yet there were no repercussions for them. Savannah and Adam were under the Cortez Cabal protection and on the interracial counsel and Eve was a freaking angel for God's sakes! Between the Fates and Benicio Cortez SOMETHING should have happened to them... Savannah's demon grandfather (Balaam) intercedes and kills Thomas Nast which throws the Nast Cabal in chaos, but I would have preferred a bigger smackdown!

**Spoiler Alert**
Malcolm comes back! Holy cow!! Didn't see that one coming... but there was no resolution to that story. Someone should've killed him, preferably Clay or Elena, but he ends up living under Nast Cabal custody.

By the end everyone's ready to hand over the reigns... The Nast Cabal will need to choose a new leader, Benicio is ready to retire and promote Lucas to acting CEO, Jeremy steps down and Elena steps up as the new alpha. I understand keeping Savannah as the main narrator - she's the future of magic, the next generation... everyone's growing up (or old) and moving on. The ending is kind of open - the adventures won't cease just because the series has. It's not a happily ever after... but it's a suitable ending.

Hey, maybe she can start a new series of the younger generations adventures! What happens to Logan and Kate as they grow up? Karl and Hope's daughter? What ever happened to Adele and Colm's baby? Robyn and Finn seemed to be hooking up at the end of "Living with the Dead." What if they had a baby?!... I'd like to see those characters again as they grow up and take the over the good vs evil fight... just a thought!


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