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Forget You by Jennifer Echols
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Apr 17, 2012

did not like it

** spoiler alert ** I’m going to be blunt it was hard reading this book. I disliked the main character Zoey so much. We are led to believe she’s this super smart well rounded all American girl that we are all supposed to relate too when in actuality she’s an idiot. What high schooler sleeps with a guy (who is a notorious womanizer that she’s listened to talk about his conquests endlessly) one time and then all the sudden thinks they’re dating? She goes around the entire book saying ‘I’m going out with Brandon’ when Brandon is doing everything in his power to avoid her. TAKE A HINT!

Also the whole problem could have been solved quickly if Zoey would have just asked someone “I don’t remember last night, could you please tell me what happened?” But no the reader has to listen to her go on and on repeating that she has no memory but can’t tell anyone because her father will lock her up in an insane asylum. Also for being such a “smart” girl she does some of the most idiotic things throughout the course of the book.
At one point the story gets VERY jumpy, things happen out of nowhere and then never really get explained. There is only one really well developed and likable character, Doug. He is the one character that is relatable and well developed. And of course he’s in love with the ridiculous main character, there are points you want to shake him and go “You can do better!” At least Doug calls Zoey out on her crap which is nice to read.

All in all I wouldn’t really recommend this book and it’s made me a bit weary of reading Echols other novels. Also I wouldn’t recommend this book to preteens, it may be young adult but is filled with thoughts of sex and is at times very descriptive. I didn’t mind it but I could see where that may be problematic for parents or people that don’t really like to read semi graphic sexual scenes.
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