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The Anti-Christ by Friedrich Nietzsche
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Apr 17, 2012

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Nietzsche..the mad man..If there was no Zarathustra I would not even consider him as thinker..great thinker..what a pity!!!
I have to confess that I have agreed with almost all his points against Christianity only because of the fact that it matched my own outlook towards it.
How can a man like Nietzsche..who suffered inferiority complex can create an OVERMAN?? May be only a inferior man can create him..and real man will live as overman. And these inferior imbeciles have always been there as Hitler or as any tyrant whom oppressed a whole nation. And his almost in his life time he was projecting this overman but he never had any qualities of him.
Nietzsche disagrees almost all things which is just other side of existence..love..trust..empathy..This will be the way of an inferior man who wants to rule..have thirsty for power and he says this as basic requisite for being a real human. He agrees with Manu(Author of Law's of Manu or Manusmirithi)..the real corrupter of Indian mind..This Manu is responsible for entire division of India in name of Caste..and religion..He says Inequality is the right of real existence..if everyone is unique then why there should be a comparison..why there should be equality or inequality???What matters if you are black or white?? what matters if you are an Indian or American?? But entire world is doing all comparisons..Comparison can come out of a mind which cannot love existence as it is..
And an Overman..as I conceive a flowered own as Buddha calls..don't compare..he won't want to rule..but his life will be full of love..compassion..awareness..He will be the one who accepts life as it is..
Nietzsche compares anarchism with Christianity..but he forgets one thing that Christianity always relays on Jesus as savior..an individual can do nothing to be saved..or to be an Overman..But anarchism can happen when entire world has taken step towards this overman..Anarchists like Tolstoy have always missed the point when boundaries disappear what will be the binding force..of course it will be of love and compassion..but for it humanity has to flower..or to be more like an Overman..For anarchism first step should be Capitalism..(dont get offended by word..I mean Capitalism as state of free individual ship..) or Communism I can say but with the real spirit( what communism lacks today is that spirit of free mind)..Second is Overman as Nietzsche says..but his Overman has nothing to do with mine..and final anarchism..and I could not get his point how he could compare with anarchism and Christianity or any so called organized religions because these religions repress that overman..
Of course a mediocre mind like Nietzsche can say against anarchism..and I pity him for that..Antichrist is a must read if you just avoid authors view of anarchism and Overman.

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