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The Spymaster's Lady by Joanna Bourne
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Apr 19, 2012

really liked it
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Recommended for: people who like spies
Read from April 17 to 19, 2012 — I own a copy , read count: 2

"When we're old, we'll stagger down the path to the river and collapse on the bench and watch our grandchildren play in the mud. We'll remember making love on that bench. And by the river. Maybe in the river, too, some hot night."

"I have never thought of being old."

"It's time you did. Be old with me."

I must say, reading this a second made me like this a lot more. Like, a lot more. This is one of the few books I had to sit down and just read without stopping, because dear god, Annique, woman of my heart. I think she just jumped to one of my top lady heroines because ANNIQUE. Gray did things for me as well but not as much as Annique. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. Moving onto book two...
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04/17/2012 page 32
9.0% "I'm really liking Annique. She's a spitfire!" 1 comment
04/18/2012 page 192
51.0% ""She walked away from Dover, remembering the cliffs of Italy and Franc, and wondering where she would go after she had seen Soulier and then completed her business in London. She must find safety, of course, but also earn a living since she was no longer to support herself by stealing secrets. Perhaps she would become a cook" - A COOK? A COOK? Oh Annique, this is why I adore you. Only you think you could be a cook." 2 comments

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Jess Yay!

steph I read the first chapter this morning and had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. And I have number 2 and 3 on my Kindle from the library. So yays all around. :D

Jess SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT. Haha, this is probably the book that I am the most nervous about recommending, because it was sort of life changing in my romance reading (I branched out a LOT after reading it) and I just think it's brilliant and yeah. Annique is fabulous. I want so many more scenes of her and Galba as family.

Book two isn't as good. Book three makes up for it.


I heard book 2 isn't as great but I'm excited for book 3 because, Maggie and Doyle!, and then book 4 has Hawker, who, if I hadn't loved Grey and Doyle so much would have been my favorite. Question though, book 2 with Sebastian and Jess, had we heard mention of them at all in this one? Because I know at one point the three + Maggie went on a mission and they were talking about a child and seeing her on board and letting her go with her father even though her father is a rogue and I was wondering, is that Jess they are speaking of?

Jess Yes, Jess is that child. And Adrian and Doyle are in the book as well, but as pretty minor players which I just found irksome. I wanted more of them and their lives and then they weren't front and center and it was wrong. That probably predisposed me to not like the book as much as I would have otherwise, haha.

ALSO. Book three is sort of the prequel to Hawker's book and if you don't preemptively ship his happily ever after, I will eat my hat.

steph Hahaha, okay. Thank you for telling me that. And for giving me high expectations of book 4. Because, you know me, I ship your ships. :D

Grace I hate you both. Stop talking about the rest of this series. I DON'T HAVE TIME UNTIL JUNE. I DON'T.

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