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Bared to You by Sylvia Day
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Apr 24, 12

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Read on April 25, 2012 — I own a copy

Forgot to mention this: That is a seriously hot cover with a tender touch to it. LOVE IT!

How should I begin this...Well, I saw some reviews about this book and it compared to E.L James's Fifty Shade's series, so I decided to give it a try. Since Ana and Christian have a "powerful" and relationship with eachother, so I expected Eva and Gideon will have that sort of chemistry as well. And what an emotional roller coaster you get to witness and feel while reading about Eva and Gideon's relationship. Gideon Cross is a sexy-as-hell species with gorgeous face and body, and known for having his way with women. Eva on the other hand is a strong female with a troubled past behind her and living with her bisexual friend, Cary. (a name which I usually associate with a girl LOL) So they met at work, since Eva is working in the building that belongs to Gideon. He was not shy with words and actually he was quite bold with what he wants to do to Eva, the first "official" meeting he had with her:

Gideon: -“Are you sleeping with anyone?”
Eva: -“Why is that any business of yours?”
Gideon: -“Because I want to fuck you, Eva. I need to know what’s standing in my way, if anything.”

Yepp, THAT's Gideon Cross. And who can possibly resist him? Even though Eva gave in to him, she found herself slipping into a deeper hole than what she had in mind at the beginning when accepting Gideon's offer about a sexual relationship.

These two have encountered some serious problem's in the past and there's more to that than what the author revealed in 'Bared to you'. I don't think we really got to uncover Gideon's past, just a few glimpse when he was having his horrible nightmares and the connection he has with his family. Something major happened during his childhood or even in his adultlife, and I don't know if Eva could accept that side of him when now she is getting so much pain from the bits he has already revealed, especially the part with Gideon and his many female "friends". ((view spoiler) They have many things to solve out and it have some similarities with 50 and Ana but I can't really see some BDSM in this book, it was more concensual love making (+ occasional rough sex) rather than D/s play. That said, I thought the sex scenes were 'smoking' hot with lots of love from these two to one another. Maybe it's the writing, and it's only the second time I've read books by Sylvia Day, I didn't get that thrilling, chilling feel that I usually feel whenever I read about a good sex scene. The word hot keep penetrating my head and that was it.

The other characters in the story were ok. I liked Cary at the beginning, his friendship with Eva was sweet and I'm glad that she got him to rely on and talk about everything with. A true friend like that is worth keeping. But his image was ruined for me at the end of the book. The decisions he made nearing the end was bad. Hope that he takes a good look at his f**ked-up life and make a decision about what he wants and how he will make it work. A new character were introduced almost at the end, and I wonder if she will have a bigger role in the sequel, Deeper in You? Will she be a threat to Eva and Gideon's relationship?

In summary, it was a great book with a plot that stand on it's own. Characters that was engaging and much more mysteries are waiting to be solved and dealed with, so I can't wait to read the next book!

Anyone know how many books this series is going to have? A trilogy like the Fifty-series or is the sequel the last book? :D

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