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Stories Volume 1 by Ray Bradbury
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June 6, 2012:

Reading some of Bradbury's short stories on this day, the day he passed away, leaving the world at the age of 91.

"A medicine for Melancholy": Read this one first. A very fine, downplayed story set in the 1700s -- and quite a bold story. What a cure for melancholy!

Up next now: "Fever Dream"...

"Fever Dreams": Reading this was strange, strange indeed. Because it resembled an unpublished story of mine quite some. And I know I've never read this Bradbury tale before. Of course, "Fever Dreams" is vastly better than my own wee tale ("The Hand") and with an ending that sends shivers down your back. (Mine was an attempt to couple a boy's experiences with a kind of cosmic horror... and I failed.)

"The TOwn Where No One Got Off": A nice little, creepy tale. Wonderful atmosphere and, for a long while, uncertainty. A story that really says something about the human nature when it comes to our relation with other people. Dark? You bet.

As always, more reviews coming, as I read new stories. Since there are 100 stories just in this volume that may take quite a number of years;-)

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